The Secret about the Best Fireproof Safes Revealed

Can the best fireproof safe really stand the test of fire? How long can a safe resist fire? The latest research reveals the secret. Recently, the CBS4 Consumer Investigator Jodi Brooks collected some safes of varying sizes and put them to the test of fire. The result was appealing – strong fire could not even touch the contents inside box even after several minutes.

Fire-Safe, a fireproof safe manufacturer claimed its products could prevent fire from reaching inner compartment for up to half an hour. The researcher Jodi Brooks decided to challenge this claim. To conduct the experiment, he teamed up with the Denver Fire Department. They put multiple models of the fire-resistant safes to test.

Assistant Chief of the Denver Fire Department was reported as saying, “We are trying to simulate what a housefire or wildfire will do to it (a fire-resistant safe).” Three models of safes made by the same manufacturer, SentrySafe, were brought for experimentation. They were all marked fireproof for up to half an hour. Each had a different size.

Here it is noteworthy that all these safes had already been classified for up to half an hour of fire protection by the Underwriters’ Laboratory. Here at the Underwriters’ Laboratory, an oven is used to test the safes and not the real flames like a housefire setting. After placing a fireproof safe in the oven, the temperature around it is raised up to 1550 degrees Fahrenheit.

Before exposing them to fire, some pieces of blank paper were placed in each box. The boxes were put on the top of barrels which acted like desks. Paper starts burning at 451 degrees. A fire pan was set in one of the burn houses of Denver firefighters. An infrared camera, placed at the test site, was used to measure the temperature of the floor and the ceiling.

The temperature of the floor and ceiling was raised to 300 and 900 degrees, respectively. The firefighters put the fire out after 15 minutes. Afterwards, the fireproof boxes were opened. Though they were severely damaged from outside, the pieces of blank paper inside them remained safe.

While a fireproof safe has become the need of the day, you must learn about the secrets how they safeguard your crucial documents against fire. And you already know the fact that a document kept in a metal box would be prone to fire and get damaged or burnt when exposed to flames or microwave radiations. Then what is the special thing about a fireproof safe that keeps the fire away.

The body of a safe has two walls separated by a gap which is filled with a fire-retardant material. As the fire-retardant material is heated during a fire, it releases water vapors to keep the interior of the fireproof safe cool.

When you are planning to buy a safe for your birth certificates, academic results cards, passports, and precious photographs, you would surely like to know if it will really survive a housefire or a wildlife fire. And your concern is genuine – everyone would do so.

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