Supreme Comic unveils Superman rival born in Africa called Warrior King!!

Supreme comic boasts being the biggest Comic book distributor in Africa. That’s definitely no feat to sneeze at. Its vast collection on offers variety of original titles available for your online viewing pleasure. The comic book creator has released Warrior King which can be described as the African version of Superman. Other original titles available on the online platform amongst many others include Karma, Unusual Suspects, Shade, Dan11, Bounce and also the eBook version of the award winning feature animation film titled The Secret Princess.

Whatever it is about superheroes that fascinate you, you’re sure to find a few titles that tickle your fancy. Is it their mystical powers that keep you enchanted or maybe it’s how much they’re willing to go through to protect the things they love. Children African Tales are masterfully represented with colorful illustrated books. This website connects readers to many titles allowing readers to eagerly follow the journey of some of their favorite characters. Letting them develop their own morals and values in the process. The passion and resolve displayed by each character from the more familiar faces to regional exclusives will leave you breathless.

Given that comic books have lead to major social change due to their portrayal of social problems, psychologists even note that they help younger readers especially come to understand the personal costs of choosing more passive stances in life. It becomes an easy way to teach and entertain entire populations using leisure time. Having such power at your fingertips for a fairly decent price is what Supreme comics delivers.

The massive culture surrounding comic books has encouraged new generations of engineers, doctors and other educated professionals. Furthermore they have created a bond between people that transcend racial, ethnic and social barriers.

Supreme comic has just the collection any Marvel fan would love. With a range of titles focused on diversity and representation anyone and everyone can feel welcome shopping here.

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Supreme comic is one of the largest distributors of African comic books via online platform

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