Urthona Group redefines online courses with unique learn-now-pay-later program

Urthona Group is offering online courses with the exclusive and judicious learn-now-pay-later program where clients can take the course first and then pay later based on the results. At present, the website is extending a marital life enrichment course.

Somerset, VA – September 25, 2017 – Nothing is more frustrating than signing up with a hefty fee for an online course only to end up with no or meager results. But what if there is a fair chance to take the course first and then pay based on the value you receive? Sounds utopian, right? Well, not any more. A new website is all set to redefine regular module of online courses with its revolutionary learn-now-pay-later program. Entitled as Urthona Group, the website is offering free subscription for its courses where clients can decide what they would like to pay “after” taking the course. 

“We are excited to announce our new unique model for online courses where you don’t have to pay anything to register for our program. Yes, you heard it right. We want our clients to take the ‘course first’ and then ‘pay later’ – and that too based on the value they have received. We are not your regular online courses whose theme is to get a hold of an email address whatever way possible and then relentlessly pursue more purchases from that customer. The main philosophy behind such a module is the myth that adults can’t be trusted with the payment for the value they have received. But we beg to differ”, stated the leading spokesperson from Urthona Group. 

Urthona’s exclusive model is based on the belief that if you can actually offer something truly ‘valuable’ – something that truly ‘benefits’ the end-user – your client will definitely acknowledge your service and would willingly pay for it.

“We are confident of our course and we believe in our clients.”

At present, Urthona Group is offering an online love-life enrichment course for anybody having a dry spell in marriage.

The marital-life enrichment course will educate the client on the major action steps needed to be taken to emerge as “the man” their wives desire them to be. The program follows a simple philosophy- if you can groom yourself up into a lovable and understanding man who is concerned about his wife’s needs- she would naturally get closer to you.

Urthona’s program is designed to teach the clients on how to:

  • Fathom the core needs of the spouse
  • Learn the insights to meet those desires
  • Enhance their masculine presence within the relationship

“The #1 reason behind growing distance in marriage is focus on wrong objectives.  We will teach you to concentrate on right objectives that would naturally enhance emotional intimacy between you two. Increased emotional intimacy will naturally progress into growing physical intimacy and a stronger marriage. It’s a very logical progression from one point to another.”

The course would be delivered in 7 linear and cumulative lessons via email. The client can only move to the next lesson if he has successfully completed the previous lessons. 

“We promise you an extremely satisfying and dynamic relationship with your wife for lifetime. Just sign up for free and pay when you truly benefit from our course.”

Urthona Group would soon be adding more courses regularly on a variety of topics based on its signature learn-now-pay-later program. 

To subscribe with Urthona Group, please visit https://www.urthonagroup.com

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