Groton CT Attractions And Events Make A Great Vacation

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Groton CT is a shoreline town located in the South Eastern Connecticut lying between New York and Boston.

Groton CT is a shoreline town located in the South Eastern Connecticut lying between New York and Boston.  It is a home beyond home as it offers one of the most romantic and mind-blowing sites for great family vacations in the country.

This place offers many things to do such as beautiful restaurants, great shopping facilities, historical museums, and parks. It is also a home for business minded people. Are you in thinking of visiting Groton CT? Planning a great vacation there and you do not know what to do in town? This is just going to be useful for you.

For all lovers and arts and culture, the city of Groton is just where you would rather be. Have you heard about the Mystic Museum of Art? This lace has been a wonderful aspect of Connecticut attractions for close to 100 years. It is a home for culture, tradition.

It is the charming beauty of the town that keeps tourists coming back for more. It was founded in 1913 by a group of dignified artists who are rich in the 19th-century philosophy. This museum center operates all year round from 11 am to 5 pm daily.

It is located on the west bank of the scenic Mystic River, just one block away from downtown Mystic. The museum houses four art galleries, start of the art studio room, classrooms for educational services and an art reference library. When in Mystic Museum of Art, you have access to the waterfront and plenty of parking.

In Groton CT, there is a golfing destination that is located right on the long island sound. Shennecossett Golf Course is a historic 18-hole golf course designed by Donald Ross.

The course contains spell bounding views and an opportunity to catch a sight of a tall ship or a US submarine. Since its existence in 1898, Shennecossett still remains a top New England golfing destination. If you want to experience the great golf in a great atmosphere with great views, try Shennecossett.

Meanwhile, on the Thames River in Groton, Connecticut, is the world’s finest and glorious collection of submarine artifacts. The place is called Submarine Force Museum.

This is the only submarine managed by the United States of Navy. Thus, it is the singular warehouse for more than 33,000 artifacts, 20,000 important documents and about 30,000 photographs that have to do with U.S. Submarine Force History.

The museum boasts of having traced the development of the silent service from David Bushnell’s Turtle, used in the Revolutionary War, to the Ohio and Virginia Class submarines. 

If you love the great outdoors and are looking for a great place to hike in Groton CT, Bluff Point State Park is where you would want to be. It’s located on the waters of Long Island Sound while it measures about one and a half miles long by one mile wide, it covers about 800 acres of water land.

This beach terminates in a little, rocky island known as Bushy Point. The motive behind this park is to preserve and conserve its natural aliveness, faunal and floral attributes, geographical and ecological features and scenic sense of unadulterated state. Meanwhile, access to this park is by foot or non-motorized vehicles only.

There is plenty to do in this great town of Groton CT whether on vacation or staying longer consider Groton. Other places of attractions are USS Nautilus; a place of historical and military museums, Eastern Point Beach, Groton Public Library, Central Bark Dog Park, Avery-Copp House, among others.

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