China’s Bird Nest Chooses Waterborne Paint of Domestic Brand for Its Makeover

According to Reuters on August 21, the Ministry of Environmental Protection of the People’s Republic of China said the other day that there would be a hard battle against air pollution in and surround the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area in the coming winter-spring period. A few days earlier, China’s Bird Nest selected the domestic brand “Chenyang Waterborne Paint” and started “the first brush for environmental protection” in its makeover, leading the green fashion in the coating industry.

On August 17, China (Bird Nest) National Stadium joined hands with Chenyang Waterborne Paint which is the largest manufacturer of waterborne paint in China. They held the signing ceremony of “using waterborne paint and recalling the blue sky with Bird Nest”, and announced that before the Winter Olympics in 2022, China will use domestic eco-friendly waterborne paint to refresh all the interior and exterior facades of Bird Nest.

For the “makeover”, the person in charge from Bird Nest said, in view of the environmental friendliness of waterborne paint, the operator decided to use waterborne paint instead of oil paint more than one year ago. “A number of coating enterprises in China and other countries including Chenyang Waterborne Paint were invited to have brushing tests in the National Stadium.” Among them, the Chinese domestic brand Chenyang Waterborne Paint became the supplier and strategic partner by virtue of its excellent product quality and service level.

According to Liu Zhanchuan, CEO of Hebei Chenyang Industry & Trade Group Co., Ltd., the company was established 19 years ago and has always placed the concept of sustainable development in the first place. It was selected as the “2008 Olympic facade plastering engineering material supplier” ten years ago. The company then gradually undertook the renovation of many national projects, such as Tian’anmen, the Great Hall of the People and the Imperial Palace.

Yang Yuanyi, vice president and secretary-general of Chemical Industry and Engineering Society of China and Chairman of China Water-based Coating Industry Strategic Alliance believes that the “green handshake” between Bird Nest and Chenyang Waterborne Paint will greatly stimulate other downstream industries’ progress of using waterborne paint instead of oil paint. Yang Yuanyi also said that Chinese domestic waterborne paint technology is improving and more powerful domestic brands in the coating industry are rising.

In recent years, with the development of economic globalization, a group of Chinese domestic brands including Chinese high-speed railway, unmanned aerial vehicle, BYD electric buses, HUAWEI, Laoganma and Chenyang Waterborne Paint are rising rapidly and affecting the whole world. Choosing Chinese domestic brand “Chenyang Waterborne Paint” among many high-quality domestic and foreign brands as Bird Nest’s supplier also reflects that Chinese domestic brands are becoming more and more important.

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