Four Entrepreneurs Setting New Courses in Technology

Dr. Selin Kurnaz

Kurnaz co-founded MassiveBio after earning multiple engineering degrees and applying them within the life sciences industry. MassiveBio’s tech solutions provide cancer patients with curated knowledge and data collection that promotes better care and personalized solutions.

Tech innovation can keep your customers satisfied or keep politicians in touch with their constituents. Innovate a bit more, like Clay Alexander and the internet of things can improve the quality of your coffee and the quality of your healthcare. 

Justin Walsh and Garrett Moon

Tech start-ups have moved far beyond the coasts. How far? It is recommended you read The Bismark Tribune for information about North Dakota locals Walsh and Moon who are the founders of CoSchedule. The application assists marketers in planning and producing marketing campaigns. Despite their inland location, the team has a client-list of top brands and serves 8,000 customers.

The internet of things has given tech the boost it needs to connect with users in the real world. Although many users aren’t always techy, they do like tools that assist them in various areas of their lives, whether it’s better health choices or tastier food. 

Zach Christenson

If hot coffee doesn’t seem like the most inspiring use of tech then Zach Christenson’s civic oriented tech might be easier for you to swallow. The DC-area entrepreneur is developing a data analysis platform for campaigns that promises to directly engage and connect voters through text and personal outreach. He probably would enjoy technology that keeps his coffee warm throughout a debate.

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