Business Consultant Mike Moll Offers Marketing Consulting Tips and Training

Lead Generation and Business Strategy Suggestions Now Available on Blog Site

Small business consultant, Mike Moll, is revealing tricks of the trade to help businesses grow their client base.  The information will be available on his blog site.  It will feature lead generation, marketing tips, business strategy suggestions and much more.

“I am truly excited to share my business strategy information with those who wish to bring their business presence to the next level,” stated Moll.  “My blog will give business owners hands-on help so they can grow their business through lead generation, marketing and many other avenues.  I’ve helped over one hundred businesses succeed in growing their client base and I’m thrilled to help even more with my new blog.”

Mike Moll is an expert in small business consulting.  He has worked with many types of businesses such as service providers, retail, e-commerce and software and technology.  He has extensive experience in both B2B (business-to-business) and B2C (business-to-consumers) environments. 

Moll’s new blog will feature helpful content with practical business strategy plans to assist businesses with their online endeavors such as lead generation to build a client and reader base in which to grow their business.  Targeting will also be addressed.  Targeting is one of the most important elements in a marketing strategy and one that readers of the blog will greatly benefit from, according to Moll.

Unlike some of the marketing management information available online, Moll’s blog doesn’t just tease the reader.  He delivers.  The brand new website will include tear-downs where Moll will actually walk through techniques.  He will take actual methods being used by other sites and personally show how he would improve them.  Not only will he tell about tricks-of-the-trade, he will demonstrate them so readers get a firsthand look and feel.

Moll will leave no stone uncovered.  In a special section, he will reveal the tools used on his own site to show successful marketing strategies like how to incorporate the most effective settings in various ad platforms.  The guesswork will be left out of the equation because real-life examples from his site will be used.

The blog is expected to be a big hit with those in business online who wish to get their business rolling in the right direction with tried-and-true professional techniques in marketing. 

To take advantage of the expert marketing information Mike Moll has to share, please visit his new blog on his website.

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