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Splitting up is a highly emotional and difficult time for any family.   Elders may eventually get over the pain, but children are the real victims of divorce or separation.   Their lives are completely changed after the separation.   Once the custody is transferred to either the mother or father, the child never gets complete love and care.  However, the parents still have an obligation to their child financially and are expected to cater to the needs of the child.   This is where some divorces get messy because not all parents might approach this obligation with the same intensity and dedication.

Cindy D. Sackrin is a Hollywood divorce and family law attorney, who understands the value of family.  She is the best call available to seek when looking for a Hallandale beach child support attorney.  Cindy has over 32 years of family law experience and she takes pride as the board has certified her as a “Marital and Family Law Specialist.”

It is essential to note that not many lawyers are board certified to be a Hallandale beach child support attorney.   Ms. Sackrin has extensive experience in this area, and her law firm is dedicated to protecting the welfare of the child and representing their best interests.

Florida has a very specific guideline for child support laws which the courts are expected adhere to.  However, there are numerous considerations that have to be considered for the well-being of the child.   A modification in child support is also possible when there has been a substantial change in either parent’s earning or a change in the pattern of the child’s need.

When one parent is not paying the fair amount or not at all assisting the child support, it is possible for the other spouse to file a petition in court for the enforcement of the child support.

However, the parents should not modify the Child Support amount on their own.   Child support matters are complex and only the court can determine the amount of child support payable by each parent.   Out of court settlement may lead to some serious charges like “contempt of court.”  Even in highly time sensitive cases like promotion or demotion at work or even loss of work, parents are advised against taking court room procedures in their own hands because of the complex nature of the Florida family law.  Ms. Sackrin’s Hollywood divorce attorney firm can assist you will all your legal child support process including the hearing and petition procedure.   

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