The Fermentium is a New Way To Make Pickles, Kimchi, Sauerkraut And Many Other Fermented Items At Home

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The Fermentium is a fast, easy way to make delicious: pickles, sauerkraut, kim chi and many other pickled items at home. Our upcoming Kickstarter goes live October 5th and if you’re interested, I would love to collaborate with you on an article for your site. Please contact me if there is anything I can do to make the writing process easier for you:

Easy to Use – Add:  vegetables, salt and spices. — In as little as 5 minutes you can start batches of: pickles, sauerkraut, kim chi, or one of the 1000’s of other fermented foods.

Attractive and Versatile – The Fermentium designed by Justin Crocker and Nicholas Stevens is modern, cool, and looks great in any room.  Interesting enough to be to be a table centerpiece but with its squared shape and flat lid, it also fits snugly into corners or under a shelves. When not being used for fermenting it works as a: Cookie Jar, Punch Bowl, or Vase!

Heirloom Quality – Built from sturdy stoneware made to last. Not only do we hope you’ll pass down recipes to your children and grandchildren, we also hope the Fermentium will be treasured family by your for decades to come.

Superior Ingredients – The best food comes from the best ingredients. Fermenting at home lets you use the best vegetables and spices to create the superior dishes. Variety –There are may be hundreds of pickle varieties on your grocer’s shelves, but by combining vegetables and spices at home you can to create a limitless variety to enjoy.

Artistry – Pickling is an enjoyable way to create new delicious things. What’s your signature taste? Is it tangy? Sweet? Sour? Salty? Spicy?

Save Money – Compared to cost of buying pickles. The Fermentium could recoup its initial cost in as little as one or two batches.

Stop Wasting Food – Why throw away what you can’t eat? Turn extra vegetables into something delicious for later?

Off the Grid – The Fermentium lets you preserve vegetables without any electricity

Learning about food – Vegetables don’t come from plastic wrapped packages at the supermarket any more than pickles come from hermetically jars. Show your kids how fermentation really works and show them how to make these treats themselves.

Tradition – If you are lucky enough to have fermenting recipes in your family, the Fermentium is an easy way to keep them alive in your kitchen.

Regional Cuisine – Many foods from around the world won’t be found in your local supermarket, you might find a specialty store but if not… there’s still hope, recreate exotic treats with the Fermentium.

Health Benefits
Lacto-fermented foods have been linked to: Increasing nutrition, detoxifying food, making digestion easier, supporting the immune system, weight loss and the lowering of cholesterol.  

More information and sources here:!about/cq3g

Pickling is Fun
New Gadget – The best new gadget for the kitchen doesn’t even need to be plugged in!

Great Gift – Forget the fondue pot, the Fermentium is a stylish and unique must gift for Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Graduations, Hostesses and Holidays.

”When I ferment, I feel like a magician, chopping strange vegetables and measuring out handfuls of spices into boiling pots and bubbling crocks. Each ferment is like a dance with its own cadence.” Max Wall

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