VivoMovie Launches The Ultimate Solution For Creating Amazing Action Footage From a Smartphone

The Three in One Solution Will Create Many New Filmmakers & It is Now Available Through The Crowdfunding Platform of Indiegogo – Supported by and

September 26, 2017 – VivoMovie LLC., has proudly announced that they have launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise funds for their all new filmmaking solution. The new solution will enable smartphone users around the world to create and shoot action footage with their very own smartphone with a considerable amount of ease and comfort. Moreover, the three in one solution offered by VivoMovie LLC will redefine the way people use their smartphones to shoot action and adventure along with an outdoor lifestyle.

“We at VivoMovie are proudly offering a unique three in one solution for smartphone users worldwide which includes a Handheld Stabilizer, 64GB Expanded Storage and a 4200mAh Power Bank.” said Sasin V., the Founder of VivoMovie LLC, while talking about the solution. “Most importantly, VivoMovie Stabilizer has a three standard 1/4″ connectors – at the front, rear and bottom, allows you connect a telescoping monopod, a knuckles hand finger grip, a hand wrist band mount, a roll bar mount, a suction cup mount, 3-suction cup holder mount, and other accessories from different sides for convenient video shooting.” He added.

According to the founder, this will enable smartphone users to create high quality action footage from their phone without having to spend major amount of money on purchasing professional cameras or other high-tech equipment.

For bloggers, YouTubers, students and professionals, this kit will be a life changing way to capture their action and adventure on their phones with stability and quality. Smooth professional footage is the basic desire of every filmmaker and people spend millions of dollars annually to buy professional cameras and GoPro for this purpose. However, this amazing VivoMovie solution will change all that and it will also create great filmmakers for the future.

The goal of this crowdfunding campaign launched by the company is to raise a sum of $5,000 and it is welcoming everyone to generously participate in the crowdfunding process. Moreover, the company is offering several rewards for the pledges made in this Indiegogo fundraising campaign. These pledges range from $49 to $200. At just $49, supporters can get their own VivoMovie Stabilizer and save up to 55% if they purchase now.

Further details are available on the Indiegogo campaign page and the company is also offering free worldwide shipping with each of these rewards.

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