Peggy Dupuis reveals new collection with a French Design Celebration in San Clemente!

SAN CLEMENTE,CA – PEGGY DUPUIS will introduce the Dupuis Design Experience, taking place at Calle Ameno on October 7th, and featuring designers, pastry chef, exclusive live art performances of French modern artists Natalie Sanzache and Adrien Roubens.

Peggy Dupuis is proud to bring the “Dupuis Design Experience” to San Clemente for the first time as the interior designer will share her collection with the public. More than design, this is an immersion in Art – The Dupuis Design Experience is a synergy of all your senses through Art…

Tickets: $40 – www.Eventbrite.Com or rsvp

“Great experience. Peggy understood my vision and made it exponentially better!…”

“Peggy’s Parisian influence shed light on the potential of my space. She introduced me to color schemes I had not imagined,… I highly recommend Peggy to those who are looking for something fresh and exciting to liven up their home or business.”

Dupuis Design:

Peggy Dupuis, chief designer at Dupuis design, was born in the Philippines and raised in California. Her parents were connoisseurs of Asian Art and numismatics. She has previously worked in textile design in hong kong. Her work ultimately led her to her real passion: architecture and interior design.

Peggy has worked as a resident architect in Paris, France for over two decades. She has worked in domains as varied as interior design management, renovation of period furniture, exquisite work in tapestry, concrete flooring, and ornamental plasterwork.

Mrs. Dupuis also incorporates principles of Feng shui, reinterpreted for the contemporary 21st century residence. Award-winner and reference designer in Orange County, Peggy’s mission is to set the new standard of modernity in Southern California.

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Company Name: Dupuis Design
Contact Person: Peggy Dupuis
Phone: 949.351.2991
Country: United States