Alternative Christian Music Release by Singer/Songwriter Isaiah Jamel to be recorded live October 13

“Transparency 2 United” Project Expresses Singer’s Faith

Singer Isaiah Jamel’s new gospel Christian music project, Transparency 2 United, is due to be recorded live October 13, 2017. His first of the series, Transparency Pt. 1, has been out since mid-August and has been enjoyed by many. The sequel is also expected to be well-received.

“Isaiah Jamel is a gifted singer who is passionate about his faith,” stated a representative for the musician. “We are looking forward to the release of the gospel Christian music sequel, Transparency 2, and believe that it will bless many just as Transparency 1 has.”

Isaiah Jamel is a New York based soul artist in the gospel music field. The independent release of part two of his Transparency series comes with a message that is dear to his heart. It was composed with the desire to spread the message that encourages Christians to be true to their faith, sticking to their own identity rather than being swayed by the world. He promotes conversations of hope and restoration. He also advocates Christians being bold in their pursuit of personal betterment. 

Jamel also conveys in his new music that the notion that only Christians enjoying and understanding Christian music is false. He hopes to meet both believer and non-believing listeners in the middle through the musically gratifying project. Both Transparency 1 and 2 portray this desire.

The new production will include a headphone party and live recording which is predicted to be of EPIC proportions. The artist is excited about the new evolving approach on the release. “I’m finally taking the lid off my ideas and what I believe has been given me by God,” he commented. 

Jamel heads a 501C-3 recognized non-profit organization, MusicBreeds, which strives to reach aspiring musicians who are struggling against economic situations by the example of his own testimony. He also reaches out to speak of his experiences in his musical missions in hopes of encouraging and inspiring others. More about the organization and his goals concerning it will be heard at the recording of Transparency 2.

Transparency Pt. 1 has been fairing quite well. It has been featured on 12 radio stations and has been in six publications. Jamel has had guest singing appearances at a number of popular New York venues including Rockwood Music Hall, Pianos and Central Park to name a few. Transparency 1 is available on all major streaming and download services and Transparency 2 United will soon be available as well.

To find out more about soul-artist Isaiah Jamel and his new release, Transparency 2 United, visit the singer’s website, To book an appearance, contact the singer via email at

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