Meet One Of The Top 1% Marketers In The World: Silvia Li Sam

Having written some of the most popular marketing articles of 2017 and running multimillion dollar brand campaigns with A-List celebrities, Silvia Li Sam has been one of the most celebrated marketing leaders of the past few years.

In addition to creating the largest startup publication on Medium – Startup Grind – surpassing the White House’s Medium publication in readership, Li Sam played a big role in a digital marketing campaign for a successful TV show which aired recently on the four major networks in the U.S. For years, Li Sam has been a respected marketing leader because of her contributions to the technology and nonprofit worlds. She is one of the few marketers with an eye for storytelling and marketing strategies across EVERY social media platform, even platforms focused specifically designed for Millennials and Generation Z (demographics that have been particularly difficult for brands to crack). 

Since her early days in the technology world, Li Sam helped a vacation rental startup called Hostfully set up its marketing infrastructure and strategy, specifically through their content marketing and social media initiatives. As Head of Marketing for Hostfully, Li Sam managed to grow the organization by focusing on the data and how their users felt about the product. She shared with us that “to create any successful marketing campaigns, you have to put yourself into your user’s shoes. Many will try to replicate what you’re doing because it’s working, but only those who truly caring about customers, will succeed.” 

“It sounds like an easy thing to do,” she says, but in reality it takes much effort for anyone to get on a video chat with customers and spend time to learning about their day-to-day.

Li Sam’s work has been known throughout Silicon Valley, with multiple competitors and businesses trying to imitate her strategies.

You might be asking, what does it take to become one of the most talented marketers in any industry? Li Sam says: “Deeply understanding your audience.” Silvia Li Sam has worked on extensive social impact advocacy campaigns where, through social media, she’s been able to work with celebrities with millions of followers to collaborate and amplify the campaign’s message, reaching millions of young people around the world. The campaign’s success was largely due to the fact that Li Sam likes to develop campaigns are empathetic, emotional, data-driven, and thoughtful. 

A clear example is Li Sam’s Startup Weekend Latinx last year in Oakland, California. Her team brought together a community of future tech entrepreneurs that has been underserved for years. Through her innate understanding of content marketing, social media, and human emotion, she was able to bring major press coverage to Startup Weekend Latinx with coverage from USA Today, San Francisco Gate, and more.

We’ve encountered hundreds of marketing leaders and executives in every sector, but very few have reached the level of professionalism and knowledge that Li Sam brings to the table in the marketing field. There is a reason why she is one of the most highly sought after marketers by technology companies and nonprofits alike.

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