The B & B team is about to take off!

Digital currencies are exciting. Since the emergence of bitcoins which were not controlled by the Central Bank of China and any financial institution in 2009, it seems that financial reform has become irreversible regardless of energies, manufacturing, communications or internet. Thus, many people have taken great interests in different information about digital currencies.

As development trends of digital currencies become increasingly more evident, the enthusiasts from all parts of the world have progressively created many forums to make it convenient for them to communicate with each other about digital currencies. At the end of 2016, my friends who were concerned about digital currencies seemingly often mentioned an American team of open blockchain technologies known as B&B. This team only performed related research humbly and collaborated with research centers to create blockchain databases, but conducted no economic behaviors in the market. Hence, many people didn’t notice information regarding B&B until they saw it in a journal about currencies. B&B is a special research team of digital currencies that was built in 2014. In 2015, it further consolidated its forces to intensively study issuance of digital currencies, frameworks for running businesses about digital currencies, key technologies of digital currencies, environment for issuing and circulating digital currencies, legal problems with digital currencies, impacts of digital currencies upon economic and financial systems, and international experiences in issuing digital currencies. It has achieved periodical research outcomes in these aspects.

At present, encrypted digital currencies are fairly popular in the market, with far more than 800 varieties, and arouse great enthusiasm of many investors in the roller coaster market so that B&B has been eager to have a try. Seemingly, key R&D members of B&B publicly announced in a leading forum about currencies that it would invest in digital currencies based on its powerful technical forces with the seed capitals from angel funds it cooperated with. However, it hasn’t made further statements about its exact corporate information and investment plans. In spite of this, it has aroused great concerns of investors of digital currencies.

In the field of digital currencies, B&B is believed to be able to make sure that its customers can attain their long-term goals with its rich experiences in investments. Its double identities as an academic organization and an enterprise will promote each other. They will boost market vitality while facilitating the transformation of scientific research achievements.

Since all enthusiasts strongly hope that B&B could go to the market out of their laboratories, a great surge of large-scale investments will be inevitably spurred if B&B puts all of its scientific research achievements into practices.

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