Unified Products and Services Announces Availability of ActiveAdz

Merging Online and In-store Marketing Capabilities

Irvine – September 28, 2017 – Unified Products and Services announced immediate availability of ActiveAdz, a marketing platform for maximum customer engagement.

“ActiveAdz, a marketing platform, represents a breakthrough in consistent, highly targeted communications with your customer base,” said Kevin Dailey, CEO of Unified Products and Services. “Retailers, hospitality providers, restaurants, fitness locations, entertainment venues all have the need for quick, timely and well received communications with their customer base. It kicks in a strong ROI when it converts 5-8% of abandon shopping carts.”  Studies show that approximately 70% of all shopping carts are abandoned before purchase.

ActiveAdz combines the power of newly developed web PUSH Notifications for online connections, with the effectiveness of in-store Wi-Fi advertising.  Both elements build a database of opt-in subscribers looking to stay abreast of your most important offers, alerts and information. 

ActiveAdz Availability

ActiveAdz is cloud-based and requires no installation of servers or software to become operational. A free14 day trial can demonstrate how easy it is to convert subscribers into new customers, active participants in classes and engaged citizens.   Just a snippet of code added to your website and a modification to the guest Wi-Fi login process and your system is operational.

Dailey added “Bridging the divide between online and in-store shoppers has never been more critical. Our two marketing services feed a singular, powerful PUSH notification database that allows targeting based on geo-location services as well as URL keyword segmentation.  This puts the right message on the screen of the right customer, which is a dramatic step up from email best efforts. Think of it as a virtual “end-cap” that is available storewide.”

Wireless hardware providers and installation partner organizations can now use ActiveAdz as a value-added overlay to proposed solutions to provide a strong ROI on multipurpose network deployments that previously had no ROI to offer.

Positive Customer Impact

Several customers have already benefited from deploying ActiveAdz. A fitness chain runs ActiveAdz in350 locations of its national network. The digital real estate created in the guest Wi-Fi login experience is being outsourced to advertisers looking for new and direct messaging that provides an immersive ad experience for up to 100,000 users per day for new revenue creation, literally, out of thin air.

ABOUT Unified Products and Services

Unified is a National provider of marketing solutions. Unified’s technology allows organizations that face increasing demand for new paths to customer communication. Unified provides two separate and unique methods to help companies grow their bottom line while giving the customers what they want: PUSH Notifications and Wi-Fi Advertising.  Our cloud based Video Ad Serving and PUSH notification platforms allow highly targeted messaging to their most qualified audience. Demographic data collection provides unique insight into in-store customer behavior. Up to seventy percent of all shopping carts are abandoned and ActiveAdz can help convert 5-8% of those carts with remarketing.

For more information, visit http://www.unifiedps.com/

For more information on ActiveAdz: https://unifiedps.com/activeadz-2/

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