Michael Egleton New Jazz Album Highlights the Real Stories in Life

“Old and new sounds come together to create style and flare”

Jazz music is still alive and well across the world. But, few artists tell the real stories of life through Jazz music quite like Michael Egleton. His newest album, In the Q, has been well-received because of his and his teams artistry. With terrific tone and syncopated staccato structures, In the Q puts distinctive jazz at a whole new level.

Egleton shares authentic stories in his music, which connect directly with his listeners. In the song, “Again,” Egleton speaks about the raw and honest times when love impacts life. The song begins with a male lead yearning for his woman by saying: “I ask you not to leave this way / Leave the door open for another day,” while the woman replies: “I said maybe and we’ll see / This time, you really hurt me.” With so much music these days built on unreal realities, “Again” speaks to the truth of how hard relationships can really be in life.

The song, “When Do I Go,” shares the difficulty of being alone and the feelings that can go along with the emptiness and sorrow. Egleton strikes a chord with his listeners who deal with the same predicament: “Where is the love when I need it / When there is none to be found.” Human existence ponders this universal question, and Egleton gets it right with this song speaking to the hearts of people around the world.

“Fight” articulates the difficulty that people face in a world which can be hard to navigate: “I’m fighting in a game / That’s already rigged / Rigged for me to fail / And my grave to dig.” Egleton expresses the universal truth of “Fight or Flight.” Humankind has the option to take flight away from their struggles, or they can fight to change what’s wrong about the world. The energy in this song highlights a complete album that music aficionados are sure to cherish.

In the Q is built upon the jazz characteristics of dance and R&B with collective vocals that are pleasurable to the human ear. Orchestra and piano sounds mixed into every song set the mood for what Michael Egleton and his music are all about. The resonance rings out creating music for all generations.

Currently residing in Akron, Ohio, Michael Egleton lives in a community that is well-known for its musical artistry. At the age of seven, Egleton began to play a guitar his mother gave him for Christmas, and he has been enlightened by the way music can interpret the way life truly is. Egleton’s jazzy style embodies his feelings as they stream right out from him. He continues to garner success, allowing him to leave his footprint on the music landscape.

More information about In the Q can be found at www.MichaelEgleton.com.

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