Cosmedique Announces Risk Free 30 Day Trial Of New Anti-Aging Skin Cream

29 Sep, 2017 – Zurich, Switzerland – A new breakthrough anti-aging skin cream called Cosmedique – Ultra Concentrated Skin Rejuvenationhas become the talk of the health and beauty industry since its recent release.

They have just announced they are now offering a RISK FREE 30 DAY TRIAL (at of their powerful skin treatment that has been clinically proven to eliminate wrinkles starting on the very first application and to make up to 57% of both deep and fine age lines disappear in 60 days or less.

This limited time offer is being made for anyone who has heard the buzz but is still skeptical of its claim to give the same skin smoothing results as having expensive cosmetic surgery or painful injections.

In order to take advantage of this special offer, you can visit their official web site at and will just have to pay the shipping cost to their location anywhere in the world. They can then take up to 30 days to decide if it is worth keeping before having to pay for the product.

An Accidental Discovery

The unique and powerful formula of Cosmedique –Ultra Concentrated Skin Rejuvenation was accidentally discovered by a team of scientists in Switzerland who were researching a way to heal the scars of people who had gone through facial-reconstruction surgery.

They found that their new discovery not only proved to be extremely effective in helping patients heal their post-surgical facial scars but it also made wrinkles on the skin disappear starting on the very first application.

Powered by the World’s Most Effective Skin Revitalizing Properties

Cosmedique is a complete formulation of many different skin healing ingredients, including hyaluronic acid, retinol, DMAE, Vitamins A, C and E, natural proteins, ceramide, and the key ingredient – a revolutionary new formula that stimulates stem cell multiplication.

Each ingredient is molecularly engineered to be as small as possible, so it gets through to every layer of the skin.

The scientists behind this  advanced skin care formula say that Cosmedique attacks the root causes of aging and is packed with powerful, yet gentle skin healing essentials that:

• Are Rich With Moisturizing Nutrients That Keep Your Skin Soft…

• Leaves Your Skin Feeling Noticeably Tighter and Smooth…

• Instantly Conceals and Begins To Heal Even The Worst Skin Damage…

• Immediately Begins To Reverse The Aging Process On It’s Very First Application.

The Reviews Are In

Many reviews are now being posted online by new converts to Cosmedique. One site where you can read them for yourself is Cosmedique Reviews at where you can see videos and testimonials of how Cosmedique is already helping many men and women look years younger.

Start Your Risk Free 30 Day Trial Now

You can take advantage of yourRisk Free 30 Day Trial of Cosmedique – Ultra Concentrated Skin Rejuvenation by going to to judge for yourself how effective this new formula is.

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