Paul Watkins Starts Campaign on Kickstarter To Crowdfund Project BASEbelt

Paul Watkins announces launch of project BASEbelt, launches campaign on Kickstarter for funding the idea.

Paul Watkins, innovator and outdoor enthusiast, has announced that his team has started a campaign on Kickstarter for funding the unique project, BASEbelt. It is a next generation solution that can help achieve an active lifestyle. The cargo pocket storage solution is perfect for daily carry needs and can be used outdoors, for maintaining fitness, and Earth Adventures.

“We have dramatically transformed the old concept of a pocket belt into a modern that offers comfort, utility and function,” says Paul Watkins about his innovative invention. “It has been designed to support adventure activities on Earth. It is a versatile tool that supports all types of hassle-free storage needs during exploration and adventure.”

The BASE in BASEbelt stands for Be Active, Search, and Explore. According to Paul, the user need not be a seasoned or practicing athlete to use the device. All that is needed is an energetic purpose or a sense of adventure. The belt can also be perfect for use while indulging in leisure activities.

The company is based in Hawaii, a place known for adventure and fun. That’s why the company is fully aware of the importance of getting out and exploring nature to maintain a healthy lifestyle, to enjoy a social environment, and to maintain personal well-being. The Hawaiian word “Holoholo” symbolizes this precisely. The product fully supports this type of lifestyle activity. The BASEbelt can provide a positive solution for meeting all the storage needs for the everyday items that people carry, whether at work life or casually during other daily activities.

Paul says that the BASEbelt is not the standard running belt, nor the staple fanny pack from the 80’s. This advance belt comes with a quality foam fitting arrangement that can take care of all the personal things of the users and keep them safe and secure. At the same time, it will also provide users the freedom to do their activity freely without having to worry about their belongings. These are the two key attributes of the BASEbelt make it a must-have for the upcoming holiday season.

BASEbelt has been created for use in any life situation. It is versatile and can support activity at work, casual life, and active life. The belt comes with multiple wear options and is stylish in design. BASEbelt is easily the best active wear storage option available currently on the market. It offers a wider array of uses and storage capabilities. Quality aspects are taken care of by providing reinforced stitch at all major stress points. There are specialized buttons also provided for added strength. Maximum comfort and strength is guaranteed with every product.

Paul Watkins has a pledged goal of $35,000 for the BASEbelt product. The deadline for raising the fund is 18 October, 2017.

About BASEbelt:

BASEbelt is a unique cargo pocket storage solution designed for daily carry needs or outdoors, fitness, and Earth Adventures. BASE stands for Be Active, Search and Explore. It allows users to carry out their activities without having to worry about caring for their belongings.

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