Andrea Desmond sets to Release her new Single \”Inner Fire\” on October 1st

October 1st, 2017 will mark a new beginning for Andrea Desmond music career when she releases her new sound. Andrea is set to release her new song “Inner Fire” on this day.

Known for great vocals and capturing melody, Andrea promises that her new sound will strikingly deliver magnificent and captivating feelings to her fans. Described as a budding talent, music analyst says that music world should prepare for a big star. Andrea is also a talented song writer and a great performer, electrifying the crowd with her melodic voice.

The singer started her career in Seattle and later moved to Los Angeles to pursue bigger opportunities.  Back in Seattle, she was playing with her band performing in a series of shows and gracing radio interviews.

On moving to Seattle, she became an assistant to a composer working on PBS Television Show, a teacher as well as a song writing coach. She built a song writing team of Natalia Bortolotti and helped out Randy Jackson with artist projects. It is during this time that the song “Inner Fire” was born. The song is a completely new sound, it is more of a pop to 40 and a unique to Andrea own voice.

This is the first time Andrea is releasing a song ever since she moved to Los Angeles. It will also be the first time that the world will be hearing her new sound. Her music is hard to place in a generalized genre but her new sound is an inspiration of the world renowned artists Adele and Sia. Also she has been greatly inspired by Alan Menken, the award winning composer of Disney Classic Alladin and Beauty and the beast.

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