National Press Distributors Announce The Best Resources for Ergonomics Unveiled by Industry Experts

The #1 resource for office fitness product reviews and advice on the adoption of standing desks, treadmill desks, and related items.

National Press Distributors recently concluded research with industry leading experts on the best resources for consumers interested in ergonomics. After analysing all aspects of the market, digital media, published content and products were chosen to represent the best in current market trends. This report features the most influential resources for consumers and industry professionals.

Suggested books: “Scared Sitless: The Office Fitness Book” has a catchy title with an even more valuable breadth of content inside. Larry Swanson teamed up with renowned physician Joan Vernikos to offer readers a unique take on how to stay healthy and fit at work. Avoiding the pitfalls of sitting too long and not moving enough will be a practice of the past after introducing yourself and your team to this book.

Approved products: Office ergonomics is a growing trend in health and fitness for today’s working professionals seeking a more active lifestyle. WorkWhileWalking is dedicated to providing the latest and greatest in technologies, offering the most current products for curious consumers and interested companies. Standing desks, treadmill set ups and cycling stations are just the tip of the iceberg, with more offerings added regularly. WorkWhileWalking is the best resource for your ergonomic needs.

Recommended digital media: Ted Ed has been empowering their listeners with valuable knowledge and research for decades. “Why Sitting is Bad For You” is a timeless talk from Murat Dalkilinc to impress upon the viewer just how damaging a sedentary day can be. Overall health could be as simple as encouraging the body to move regularly and incorporating healthy habits over time. Managers, feature this talk at your next meeting – and make it a standing one.

National Press Distributor proudly features the resources available for those interested in the ergonomics industry in this report. Approval and acceptance into the collection is after careful deliberation. To be considered, or to learn about the evaluation process, please contact the press representative.

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