New Smart Lamp Speaker Pairs Functionality and Emotion Beautifully

Sept 23, 2014, California, USA. Emoi’s simple, emotional and iconic design define this product which rethinks the traditional alarm clock, speaker phone, and sound system.

As the Smart Lamp Kickstarter site explains, “We at emoi wish to share a simple, beautiful and sustainable lifestyle. We believe beautiful things have no boundaries. Good design offers an emotional connection to people. Our journey to develop a smart lamp speaker has been an expression of our passion to combine light and sound.”

This clever speaker melds the functions of technically advanced music player, a soft lantern, speakerphone, alarm clock and more – all with one simple APP. Use it as a bedside light or light up the night on your deck or patio. The Smart Lamp’s speaker can be paired with Smartphone, tablet and other Bluetooth devices. Take a conference call or simply touch it to turn on some soothing tunes and unwind at the end of a long day. The compact size make it versatile and portable for indoor/outdoor use. There is a battery built in so you can take it with you. One APP controls all functions – and you can dim the light or set the alarm to come on playing your favourite tune quickly and easily. The light has a comfortable colour temperature to emulate dawn and dusk which enhances the tranquility of the moment. Turn on the lamp with a simple, intuitive light touch on the soft (environmentally-friendly silicone) iconic lamp cover. There are three levels of lighting making it perfect for everyone – from story time to party time. As the designers at emoi explain,“We create everyday objects with an emotional element.”

With great Kickstarter campaign perks starting at only five bucks there are plenty of ways to give the gift of light and sound to your friends, family or yourself.  Of course, there are ‘Early Bird’ specials so you can support the project and get your hands on one before everyone else… for much less! 

Retail will be $100 USD. But, during the short Kickstarter campaign you only need to pledge $69 USD (or more) to get their original white speaker. For $138 you score two – so share with a friend or just play music and light up a larger space (range is 33 feet/10 meters). This includes the original white speakers. FREE global shipping included. Want a choice of colours? For $10 dollars more ($149) you can choose from original white or green colours for your speakers. All speakers come with the designers’ thanks and FREE global shipping included. Now’s the time to grab a perfect and unique gift for family. The target shipping date is November, so get in before they are gone.

Check out all the great features and be sure to share the Kickstarter campaign links with everyone in your networks:

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