Tiffany Rothman Talks about the Movie “Finding Home”

Tiffany Rothman stars in the movie titled “Finding Home.” Her character is focused on saving her next door neighbor.

The movie titled “Finding Home” takes place in an an ordinary looking building, somewhere in New York City, where a group of tenants from completely different cultures and backgrounds are staying. They also have different beliefs and characteristics. They appear to interact with one another in an aloof manner and without a care in the world. Most of the time, they seem cold to others.

That is, until one incident happened that forced them to come together as one. Their goal was to save a young lady. Each had a different approach. While their manners were unorthodox, the love and compassion demonstrated was embodied the essence of the family’s life.

This film deals with a young lady who lives with her invalid father, her stepmother and her stepmother’s two daughters, who are younger than she is.

Her next door neighbor is a woman, marital status unknown, who lives with her young adult daughter. Across the hall, is a married couple and the female half of the couple is a fashionista. She loves to dress up in her own style that is completely different from the rest of the world. On an upper floor is another woman, who maybe an entertainer of some kind.

The biological mother of the young lady referred to at the beginning, died at an early age. Her father appears to have shut down afterward although he appears to have a new wife who has children of her own but he seems to be in another world. The young lady is mostly alone. Her father only gazed into her eyes when she is around him and throws her kisses.

Tiffany Rothman’s character is the next door neighbor whose marital status is unknown with a young adult daughter who translates for her when she does not feel like speaking English — which is most of the time. Her attitude is that if they don’t learn to accept her and learn her language she does not have to go out of her way to please them. However, she likes the young lady who lives next door to her. She is very lovely. She seems to adore her invalid father. They have some kind of connection that not too many people would have with each other. She is the true love product that he created with his late wife, his one and only love.

No one could understand why he is living with this woman and her two kids. There is no spark there for him or for his daughter. This woman may be physically stunning for her age but she is up to no good. Since Mrs. Rothman’s character is a home maker and her daughter is a young adult, she is able to have the time to notice my surroundings. She would sweep the hallway every morning as her routine and she witnesses things in the building.

Her character has to figure out what to do in order to save the guy. Her main goal is to save him and do whatever it takes to keep his daughter and him together. Because, at the end, they only have each other. The bonding of a parent and a child is paramount, with undying and unconditional love for one another.

How she should go about saving him is another story. She’s got to come up with an original plan that’s extraordinary to the situation. First, she has to watch that drop-dead gorgeous secondary wife of his. Every move she makes, she’s got to be on top of it. 

About Tiffany Rothman

Tiffany Rothman was born in Hue, Vietnam and grew up in Saigon until she migrated to the United States in 1975. She eventually moved to New York and acquired an MBA in Human Resource Management. Afterwards, she gained her masters degree in educational psychology. When her daughter was in first grade, she decided to go back to her acting career. By being able to perform in dance, film or theatre and being with her loved ones, she feels as if she truly has achieved the American dream.

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