Ethica Institute of Islamic Finance Launches First 100% Online Islamic Finance Accounting Certificate

The world’s most heavily-enrolled Islamic finance certifier today launched their much-awaited accounting certificate. Ethica Institute of Islamic Finance opens the doors to the ACIFE in Islamic Accounting, the first 100% online, AAOIFI-compliant accounting certificate in Islamic finance. Starting today, Ethica is taking sign-ups for a special 3 day discount in January.

The 4-month, 100% online Advanced Certified Islamic Finance Executive in Islamic Accounting covers all the major accounting concepts in 9 convenient modules. Students also access recordings of live sessions with an accounting expert who personally audited over 1,000 Islamic finance transactions.

So why choose Ethica’s 4-month, online ACIFE when there are several accounting certificates in the market to choose from?

“Ethica’s ACIFE is the only AAOIFI-compliant accounting certificate in the market offered 100% online. We wanted to create something that suits the busy professional and also delivers the practical depth that bankers expect,” said Ethica’s spokesperson. The ACIFE is expected to quickly become the standard-bearer in Islamic finance given Ethica’s popularity: over 20,000 professionals trained in 47 countries and more than 100 banks and universities.

The 3 day discount starts in January, details for which will be announced in Ethica’s forthcoming webinar. Register here for the “ACIFE in Islamic Accounting” webinar.

About Ethica Institute of Islamic Finance

Winner of “Best Islamic Finance Qualification” at the Global Islamic Finance Awards, Ethica is chosen by more professionals for Islamic finance certification than any other organization in the world. With over 20,000 paying professionals in 47 countries, the Dubai-based institute serves banks, universities, and professionals across over 100 organizations with its 4-month Certified Islamic Finance Executive (CIFE) program delivered 100% online. The CIFE is the only globally recognized certificate accredited by scholars to fully comply with AAOIFI, the world’s leading Islamic finance standard. Click here to download your copy of Ethica’s 700 page Islamic Finance E-Book – an indispensable desktop reference for practitioners and students alike.

Contact :
Sameer Hasan
Ethica Institute of Islamic Finance
+9714 455 8690