“A Tun of Tales” is the Ideal Book of Beer-Related Stories for Every Bar and Beer Lover’s Home

Bill Downs is one of the beer industry’s most recognized figures. Not only is he a brewer himself and the founder and former president of the Mesa Verde Mashers, a local homebrews organization, but he is also well-traveled reporter for the Rocky Mountain Brewing News and a Certified Beer Judge.  Over the years, Bill has accumulated a vast compendium of stories about brewing and beer. He has finally written down these stories and organized them into a new book entitled “A Tun of Tales.”

In “A Tun of Tales” you will learn about some of the most entertaining and colorful figures in the history of beer. Drawing on the rich history of this millennia old brewing profession as well as the personal tales of industry insiders from around the country, “A Tun of Tales” will tickle your funny bone, add to your understanding of the profession and keep you enthralled for hours.  Among the many stories included in the book is the tale of Emil Horst who invented a commonly used machine in response to a labor dispute.

Bill has already completed writing “A Tun of Tales,” but the production of a book is not an easy or cheap process, which is why Bill Downs is asking the public to support this important project. Through his fundraising campaign on Kickstarter, Bill hopes to raise the $30,000 needed to edit, illustrate, hard print and convert to ebook format, and market his book. If there is enough financial support to reach the stretch goal of $100,000, Bill intends to commission more art from the cover artist, noted graphic artist Chris Vest, produce a second book of beer stories, offer a line of brewing gear and training courses, and conduct seminars on home brewing topics.

In return for your financial support, you may receive valuable rewards like bookmarks, ebook versions of “12 Things I Wish Had Known When I Started Homebrewing,” signed editions of “A Tun of Tales” T-shirts, posters, Chris Vest lithograph prints, and a four hour talk by Bill Downs.

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