Added Fiber Cable Termination and Installation Kits to Product Range

Fiber cable termination is the process of adding connectors to each cable and the job requires certain industry-grade tools. recently added fiber termination kit to product list., an online wholesaler of fiber optic implements, recently added a spate of fiber cable termination and installation kits to its product range. The online retailer, a division of SYOPTEK International Limited, aims to draw more customers to its site with the addition of the toolkits to its inventory. Fiber cable termination is an integral process of fiber cable installation and setup, maintenance and troubleshooting. The professionals working in this field often look for inspection and termination kits. has always catered to this section of customers. With the new range of fiber termination kit added to its inventory, the owners anticipate a massive sales growth in the coming months. offers goodish discounts on a number of tool kits, tools and other types of fiber optic implements that the company has been selling since its inception. The new range of tool kits are highly effective in seamless cable installation, termination and repairing, the owners   have claimed. According to the owners, cabling installation and termination can prove to be a labor-intensive and time-consuming job, unless the professionals are equipped with the right tools.

“The fiber optic termination kit available in our online store now has all the necessary tools and contrivances that professionals need during performing these tasks. We know how desperately they rummage through the tool boxes they carry to find the right tools. Our products can eliminate the hassles of fiber optic installation and termination as the requisite tools are compartmentalized and the overall design and structure of the tool kits are pretty ergonomic,” one of the owners of was quoted saying during a recent product launch event. is both a manufacturer and a wholesaler of branded fiber optic tools, installation and repair kits and other types of industry-standard applications and tool kits. The online retail outlet of the company, SYOPTEK International, serves as a means for international sales and distribution. The company now ships its products to more than 250 countries. Free shipping, heavy discounts and other types of attractive offers have increased sales figures in recent years. The easy-to-use functions and the clean design of our website have helped us in retaining our position in the market”, one representative of the company claimed recently.

About the Company, a trading division of SYOPTEK International, offers a wide range of tools and tool kits for industrial use.

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