Joojo Kyei-Sarpong Announces Launch Of Campaign on Kickstarter For Inspirado – The Recovery Board Game Project

Joojo Kyei-Sarpong launches Kickstarter campaign to fund project Inspirado – The Recovery Board Game.

Freelance graphic designer and multimedia expert Joojo Kyei-Sarpong, who is also a results driven substance misuse practitioner, has announced launch of campaign on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter for Inspirado – The Recovery Board Game. Inspirado is a unique board game, developed with and for people recovering from drug and alcohol misuse. It can go a long way in supporting treatment and recovery.

“I am proficient in both healthcare communications and brand marketing and my experience in this field has helped me gain an in-depth understanding of behavioral changes,” says Joojo Kyei-Sarpong. “My expertise in web, desktop and multimedia publishing management has helped me create powerful ways of reaching my targeted audience. Inspirado is an extremely creative and effective board game that models the pathway of people recovering from substance misuse.”

Inspirado means Inspired in Spanish and can be a highly interactive intervention tool for behavioral change. It has been designed to help players achieve an understanding of recovery and behavioral change. They can also use the tool to recognize the various elements capable of influencing such changes.

According to Joojo, the Recovery Board Game can build up motivation systematically. Players can share their individual experiences when they identify with any of the antecedent cards or their response to a particular incident. It also helps reinforce choice.

Inspirado has been basically designed on the popular ABC model of operant conditioning developed by B.F. Skinner. Its theoretical foundation is based on a combination of Prochaska and DiClemente cycle of change, Behavioral Functional Analysis (CBT) and B.J. Fogg Behavior Change Model.

The Inspirado Recovery Board Game is made up of 44 tiles and has more than 10 different types of events distributed smartly on it. The game package consists of a 50 SQ CM size board, eight colored pawns and a traditional die. Other items of the package include one behavioral die, 50 alert cards, 50 behavioral cards and 50 inspirational cards. The package also comes with 100 moral chips.

The Inspirado Recovery Game has been designed for easy grasping and is creatively developed for maximizing interest level. Each player will receive three behavioral cards and moral chips at the start of the game or when they come back after a relapse. Depending on their response, they can gain or lose the moral chips. There are differently colored positive and negative alert cards and behavioral cards that must be used carefully to make progress in the game.

The creatively designed Light Bulb Moment Tile leads players to inspirational cards that keep them motivated. There are many other interesting steps in the game such as Gratitude and Let Go tiles, Halt Trap Tile, Protective Tile, Strength Tile, Plan Tile, Bad Day Spot, Epiphany Tile, Interactions, Crossover Tile, and Finish Tile.

Joojo is attempting to hit his financial goal of $5,000 for the project. The deadline for raising funds is 19 October, 2017.

About Inspirado – The Recovery Board Game:

Inspirado is a creatively designed Recovery Board Game to motivate and assist people recovering from drug and alcohol misuse. Inspirado supports the treatment and recovery process. The brainchild of substance misuse practitioner Joojo Kyei-Sarpong, the board game is designed to promote health and well-being through games and inspire users to a live a healthy life.

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