With the release of Tribute CD, “Meant To Be,” Amy Heard hopes to give her sister’s music wings

Amy Susan Heard

Eighteen years ago, Amy Susan Heard lost her sister and best friend, Danielle Diana Heard, to a car accident that took not only Danielle’s life, but her unborn child’s life as well. Dee Dee, as Amy called her, was a whirlwind of life! She always lived each day with a sense of urgency, almost as if she knew her time was short. Danielle was real. She made many mistakes, but she was never afraid to be used as a vessel by God. Because of her beautiful imperfection and her magnetic personality, peers of all walks of life flocked to her and sought her out in times of trouble. Like her older sister, Amy, Danielle was gifted in the creative arts. In the last two years of her life, Dee Dee wrote eighteen songs imbued with her wit, humor and love of Christ.  Just two weeks shy of her nineteenth birthday, Danielle and Baby Scarlett were welcomed to their eternal Home in Heaven.

Looking for a way to bear the grief and keep her sister near in spirit, Amy listened to cassette tapes of Danielle’s musical writings and learned her music by ear. It soon became evident that Amy was “meant to be” the vehicle by which Danielle’s music would be kept alive. After years of sharing her sister’s music and some originals of her own in coffee shops, fairs and festivals, Amy arranged, performed and released an EP entitled, “Sister To Sister” in 2003 which featured four of Danielle’s songs. The following year, Amy released her own original single, entitled “This Day. “ In 2004, she won two Detroit Music Awards for Outstanding Christian Vocalist and Outstanding Christian Songwriter, the latter of which she shared in memory of her sister, Danielle. Shortly after, she began the project “Meant To Be,” which would include twelve more of Danielle’s songs, and a tribute song by Amy, entitled “An Angel’s Got Her Wings.”  

After life’s trials causing the project to be put on hold for eight long years, the “Meant To Be” Tribute CD consisting of fourteen tracks (including one song performed by Danielle herself in 1995),  has finally been recorded, mixed and mastered, making it ready for production and distribution. It has been a true work of love, as Amy has arranged and performed each song, capturing the essence of Danielle’s whimsical heart and theatrical style while penning them with her own angelic and soulfully smooth voice. With Amy Heard on guitar and vocals, Jamie Surgener on drums, Mo Jones on bass and special additions of Bill Arnold on dobro and Janice Veramay on violin, Amy has given Danielle’s music the full production she knew her sister must have imagined.

Amy Heard believes “Meant To Be” deserves the chance to be heard by millions. This music will be embraced and adored by both the Christian and Secular communities, by youth and adults, and by pop-folk and country music lovers. Through tears and laughter, those who experience “Meant To Be” will relive life’s joys and trials in love and faith.

To give this beautiful work wings, Amy needs your help. She has set up a fundraising campaign on IndieGoGo to secure the funds needed to produce, market and distribute this CD. For choosing to financially support this project, you will receive a variety of “perks,” depending on your giving level, including the “Meant To Be” LP, Amy’s previous CD’s, “Sister to Sister” and “This Day,” a book entitled “Sweet Angel” written by Amy and Danielle’s father and special edition “Meant To Be” T-Shirts. To learn more about this project or to make a financial contribution, please visit https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/meant-to-be-a-tribute-cd-to-danielle-heard or simply go to www.AmyHeard.com, where you can be directed to IndieGoGo fundraiser campaign and much of Amy’s musical works, including one of the songs from the “Meant To Be” project, entitled “Wild Streak,” now available for streaming only on Amy’s ReverbNation page.

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