Luxe Products Provides Individuals Opportunities to Buy and Sell Glass

Luxe Products is a specialty site, which provides individuals with an online platform that enables them to buy and sell glass. The site allows people to purchase and sell a variety of smoking glass products including water pipes, glass kits, and glass pipes, bubblers, and accessories.

People become sellers through joining the Luxe Affiliate Program by filling in an online form entering their name and email contact details. After registering, subscribers will be provided with a custom URL within the Luxe site where they can post links to their social media bio, blog, website or other platforms they wish to use to promote themselves. New affiliates can earn 20% commission on each item they sell from their link and once they have sold more than $1,000 in the glass, Luxe Products promotes them up to the next level. Top affiliates can earn up to 40% in commission.

Luxe Products’ site has three main types of smoking glass products available. These include firstly, glass starter kits such as 5 4 to 5-inch glass bubbler kits, which come in a range of colours. Secondly, water pipes such as the Beast Mode 18 inch Tall Glass Water Pipe that can be converted from dry to oils, and the 14-inch tall Caramel Crusader. The third type of product sold is glass pipes, bubblers, and accessories, which includes the Medium 4.5-inch bubbler, glass spoon pipes, available in a variety of colours, and a novel travel kit, which comprises a glass pipe, grinder, and case.

In addition, Luxe Products features a best-selling 12 piece collectors’ kit costing only $99.99 to help buyers build their collection or sellers to double their money. The kit includes 2 medium water pipes (worth $80 to $120), 3 medium bubblers ($60), 6 glass spoon pipes ($80), and one quartz banger ($20).

Luxe Products was launched in 2015 and began selling products exclusively on Amazon. However, after 50,000 orders and over 1200 reviews, the company branched out with its own website providing unique, high quality and durable glass to add to their customers’ collections. Prospective buyers and sellers can find more information at

Media Contact
Company Name: Luxe Products
Contact Person: Neima
Phone: (202) 847-5062
Address:701 W Broad St., Suite 320
City: Falls Church
State: VA
Country: United States