SanChain community will participate in CryptoFinance 2017 Conference, advancing towards the Europe and accelerating urbanization process

“Great career requires determination, ability, organization and sense of responsibility.” This is Henrik Johan Ibsen’s dictum, whom are Norway famous dramatist and poet. In order to promote the development of the blockchain financial industry, SanChain will go to Ibsen’s homeland to participate in CryptoFinance 2017 Conference on October 19th.

The conference will be held at Ballroom Oslo, located in Nedre Vollgate 11, Oslo, Norway. The theme of this convention consists of two main aspects: 1) Discuss the significant impact of encryption and blockchain technologies on the current financial world, and how will these technologies play a key role in the future financial markets? 2) Explore the opportunities and challenges faced by cryptographic network technologies, and how does blockchain and encryption technologies change existing business models and industries?

The speakers of CryptoFinance 2017 Conference are founders and opinion leaders form of technology and financial fields, including tech experts from Microsoft, TenX, DNB, Nexus and other well-known companies, as well as the president of Liberland president Vit Jedlčka and the founder of bitcoin and blockchain association Stephan Nilsson.

The SanChain community is a global open source distributed community, through the SanChain to provide an efficient, low-cost blockchain solutions for the whole industry, its main aim is to create a more inclusive value of the Internet, allowing people to enjoy the dividends that value Internet can bring about.

The SanChain community will gain more information about market status of blockchain technologies, application and entrepreneurship of encryption technology in the European financial field through this conference, preparing for further entry into the European market. At the same time, accelerating global strategic layout of SanChain.

The SanChain community representatives may deliver some profound insights through the speech at the CryptoFinance 2017 Conference, the financial blockchain entrepreneurs or investors who have interests in it, please register for viewing. Meanwhile, The SanChain community will also report the exciting moments of the CryptoFinance 2017 conference, as well as the following trends of global strategic layout.

Finally, The SanChain community will deploy the global strategy between Europe and other parts of the world with the enterprise of Ibsen. For instance, SanCoin will achieve online coin-to-coin transaction or coin-to-currency exchange transaction in two exchanges of Norwegian and Taiwanese, and promote a deeper level of cooperation in blockchain financial or payment areas in October. please stay tuned!

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