Swiggle’s Revolutionary App Helps Shoppers Save Money After Purchases

Swiggle Inc. announces the release of its mobile app that automatically gets shoppers money back when prices drop after the purchase.

TORONTO, Canada – October 13, 2017 – With more than 50 of North America’s largest retailers on its platform, Swiggle Inc. today launched its revolutionary digital platform that serves as the “Personal Shopping Guardian” for online shoppers and automatically gets them a refund when prices drop after they shop.

swiggleMore than 220 million people currently shop online in the U.S. and Canada and, according to Statista, the average consumer will spend $1,800 online in 2017. Although, two-thirds of shoppers actively compare and match prices before making a purchase, very few are aware of the after-purchase price protection policies offered by most retailers.

Most stores and many credit cards offer money guarantees back if buyers discover a lower price on a previous purchase, but it is up to the buyer to monitor prices daily, read complex policy statements and file claims. As a result, only a tiny fraction of shoppers ever take advantage of these benefits, leaving an estimated $10.7 billion worth of eligible refunds unclaimed in 2016.

“The idea behind Swiggle is simple. By equipping shoppers with the tools and transparency they need to take control of their online shopping, they shall be better able to manage their finances,” says Swiggle Co-founder and CEO Meetu Vijay. “Swiggle acts as a shopping guardian by continuously monitoring price movements and working with associated retailers to claim the price drop refund that is rightfully owed to the purchaser.”

Large retailers apply sophisticated dynamic pricing algorithms to adjust prices across their online inventories rapidly — sometimes millions of times per day. Retailers like Walmart, Target, and Amazon employ large teams of data scientists and have powerful tools designed to adjust their prices in real-time or offer promotions. Co-founder and CTO, Sumit Vijay, says “An online shopper, is never really confident that they are getting the best deal. Swiggle now levels the playing field by giving shoppers a powerful tool to save money whenever retailers drop their prices. It puts money back in their pocket without lifting a finger.”

Users start by registering with the email account they use for online shopping. Swiggle works in the background by employing a combination of techniques including data science, artificial intelligence, and natural language processing. It automatically organizes and itemizes receipts in the inbox and searches for lower prices across millions of SKU’s. When it finds a better price or detects an applicable promo code, coupon or discount, Swiggle automatically submits the price adjustment claim.

During initial beta-testing with live users across the U.S. and Canada, Swiggle successfully identified and obtained eligible price adjustments ranging from a few dollars to several hundred dollars. “Many beta-users have already received significant price adjustments on their purchases of clothes, shoes, electronics, computers, furniture and ordinary household items,” says Meetu Vijay. “With the launch of Swiggle, will extend these benefits to even more users. Swiggle goes far beyond existing options and protects users’ online purchases by providing a seamless, secure and engaging experience at more retailers and across more markets.”

“The reaction to Swiggle has been incredible,” says Sumit Vijay. “Consumers need a shopping advocate now more than ever. It has the potential to empower millions of online shoppers with an easy-to-use tool that saves them money and improves their financial well-being.”

Swiggle is available free on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

About Swiggle

Swiggle is a personal finance app that automatically gets online buyers money back when prices drop after the purchase. By using data science, artificial intelligence, and natural language processing, Swiggle protects shoppers from overpaying on their online purchases at more than 50 major retailers across the U.S. and Canada.

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