Ralph Manzanares releases book on pet adventure with lessons of friendship and cooperation

Santa Fe-based Ralph Manzanares has come up with a book on pet adventure which aspires to teach kids the values of sticking to friends when they need you the most.

Santa Fe, NM – October 13, 2017 – News for pet lovers and parents who want their kids to learn the values of caring for others. Santa Fe-based Ralph Manzanares has recently released a book on pet adventure that entails a sweet story of friendship and cooperation. Entitled as “Adventures with Rain and Friends: Finding Frank”, the new book is meant to teach younger generation the bliss of having a pet in life and also the virtue of helping buddies in need.

“Adventures with Rain and Friends” is a complete adventure series written by Ralph. “Finding Frank” is the first Volume of the series. 

Ralph’s book involves 10 characters – one cat Frank and 9 dogs – Rain, Olive, Marley, Seco, Shakira, Murray, Chauncey, Jonsey And Gwilla. All the animals stay together with the Russells at their ranch in Santa Fe, NM. The youngest Russell, little Joshua is a great pet lover and their buddy. 

The entire series is about Rain, Frank and their friends’ adventures across the USA. The first volume is based on their antics and great deeds in their NY travel home.

The story starts with the Russells leaving for a trip with all the pets left under the custody of Mrs. Paddy. A grouchy and lazy pet-sitter, Mrs. Paddy is not exactly the pet sitter one would want for his/her beloved furry friends. She hardly looks after the pets and spends most her time either watching TV or sleeping. It was during one her naps at Joshua’s house that the pets planned to play hide-and-seek. 

But what started as a fun game soon turned into a nightmare. Frank antic’s woke up Mrs. Paddy and the fuming pet-sitter chased the cat straight out of the house. As Rain and other dogs discovered what had happened to their dear meow friend, they fast formed a search party and set out to look for their pal. During their search, they encounter menacing alley cats and stray dogs who are always eager to attack them. But Rain and the other 8 dogs love Frank and they would go to any extent to bring their beloved friend back home. 

“Anybody who has been or is with pets knows what immense value pets bring to your life. There are so many things to learn from them. ‘Adventures with Rain and Friends’ entails a very heart-warming tale of great friendship and cooperation that you would love to read out to your furry friends and kids. And of course, it talks about great adventure as well. There are 10 animal characters, each with his/her own appeal. While little Rain is a true leader, Chauncey is impish, Shakira is motherly, Seco is the cutest and so on. You are sure to find your favorite pick and enjoy the journey with Rain and his buddies”, stated Ralph while talking about his book. 

Finding Frank is available in a hard cover edition at Amazon.com and over 60 other stores. Volume II & III of the series are currently in production.

For more information, visit www.rainandfriends.com.

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