Back & Body Medical Doctor Helps Winter Games Athletes

NEW YORK, NY – 16 Oct, 2017 – Dr David Perna DC of Back and Body Medical ( has recently completed a week of volunteering at the Lake Placid Olympic Training Facility in New York. His week there was to treat and help athletes return to full fitness as they make their final preparations for the 2018 Winter Olympics being held in South Korea in just a few months time.

It has been a long term goal of Dr Perna’s to be selected for this role, and given the qualifications and experience required, he can closely relate to the sacrifices these young athletes make in training to be the best in their fields.

Dr Perna was assigned to the Men’s Bobsleigh team where he helped to treat any injuries that team members were suffering from, and ensure that they were able to return to training with as minimal interruption in their routine as possible. At this late stage, athletes are approaching peak fitness, and any injury needs to be treated with efficiency and expertise. Using a multi disciplined approach himself, including chiropractic, physical therapy, and Active Release Techniques, he was able to provide the support the team required.

These athletes have been training daily for close to 4 years as they aim to perfect their sport, and any loss of momentum could be costly if not treated appropriately.

This is why such skills are in demand and entry requirements for doctors is so high to be on the team with multi discipline in several fields a distinct advantage. As Dr Perna is there just for one week, he needed the skills to take over from the previous volunteer doctor as well as being able to expertly pass on information for his replacement at the end of the week.

During the week, Dr Perna posted daily from the base, sharing his insights and experiences of the time spent. These can still be seen at

He found it fascinating to witness the simplistic lifestyle the athletes lead, essentially a balance between training, rest, proper nutritional eating, appropriate hydration, and the strong desire and focus of the athletes to be the best. Perhaps his most hard hitting observation related to the age of the athletes where on his Facebook page, he posted an image of a classroom, and posted a comment with it:

“This is a classroom in the dorms. I thought this would be a great way to remind people how young some of these top athletes are. Looks like someone is studying to take tests to get into college.”

Dr Perna hopes to return and volunteer early in the new year, but his participation depends on the timing of the opening of his third clinic in Springfield. Another week of volunteering in January would provide a unique insight to Olympic training given the games would start in a few short weeks after, thus all treatment of injuries would be of paramount importance. If he is unable to go, it would be likely for him to return after the games, and thus experience of returning athletes and the systems they use to wind down.

Whatever he decides to do, now that he has the qualifications and experience and has been accepted into the team, he will be experiencing many more opportunities of working with elite athletes.


Dr David Perna is a sports chiropractor at Back and Body Medical and has successfully assisted professional and college athletes of varying sports for 15 years. Dr. Perna has also led the recovery of countless professional athletes after sustaining a sport’s injury, using award-winning treatments and therapy to provide proficient care and assistance during their rehabilitation. When using exercise to help the body recuperate from high level sports, Dr. Perna emphasizes the focus of the exercises to help with restoring function, speeding recovery, and enhancing future performance. With his guidance, recovery from high-intense workouts will get one’s body on the mend quickly and safely.

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