Offers Advice in Choosing the Best Acoustic Electric Guitar is a blog site dedicated to giving readers advice on selecting the best acoustic electric guitar for beginners and pros. The site reviews include brand names such as Ovation, Fender, and Ibanez, and also includes a useful guide on what look for when buying a guitar. contains a page with reviews on the best acoustic electric guitars and begins with a brief explanation on what acoustic-electric guitars are, which unlike electric guitars, offer the crisp, rich classic sound of an acoustic guitar with onboard electronics that can be amplified in a manner, which doesn’t take away from the natural sound.

The page then lists and describes the guitars on the market – all of which are suitable for beginners and pros. The guide begins with a tabular list of three products: Ovation AB245 Applause Acoustic-Electric Guitar; Fender CD60CE Acoustic Electric Guitar; and, the Ibanez PF Series PF15ECE Acoustic Electric Guitar. This allows visitors to the site to make comparisons between the guitar models in terms of design, construction, wood finish options, whether the guitar has accessories. The table also has a handy button that readers can click on to check the price of each model on the Amazon site.’s buying guide also contains a handy quick summary of the three acoustic electric guitars, their affordability, and the skills levels and music genres that each model suits. This is followed by a detailed review of each guitar. Each review contains a description of the guitar’s accessories such as case, polishing cloth, tuner, and instructional DVD, its design and construction, the kind of wood it’s made of such as mahogany and rosewood, and the onboard electronics such as active preamp and tuner. The review then lists the pros and cons of each model and ends with a conclusion on the overall performance of guitar in terms of playability, sound quality, and affordability.

The site’s review page ends with a guide on what to consider when buying an acoustic electric guitar, which includes the design and construction the buyer would prefer, what type of electronics the buyer needs, body type, style, and wood type, and their influence on the sound the guitar makes.

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