Budsgrowguide Reviews the Best LED Grow Lights of 2017

Budsgrowguide has published a review of the best LED Grow Lights of 2017 for cannabis plants. The review contains a comprehensive guide of how to choose the best LED Grow Lights, the advantages of LED lights over high energy incandescent light bulbs, and a review of individual products including the Advanced Platinum Series P900 and California Light works 440W.

Budsgrowguide.com’s review begins with an explanation of the overall advantages of LED Grow Lights, which include the fact they are more energy efficient than high energy lights, last longer, produces less waste heat, and has different lighting modes for the vegetative and flowering stages of plant growth. This eliminates the need for different kinds of a lamp in the grow tents.

The guide then moves on to describe the factors that need to be considered when purchasing LED Grow Lights. These include: the size of the grow area (measured in square foot); the amount of light produced by a light source within a second (PPF rating); the amount of light that falls on the plant’s surface (PPFD rating); the total amount of daily light delivered to a plant by the light source (Daily Light Integral o DLI); and, the amount of light emitted in the electromagnetic spectrum between 400 and 700 nm, which are the light bands within which plant photosynthesis takes place (PAR rating).

Budsgrowguide also recommends cannabis growers to check the angle of coverage of the LED light and their budget. The site’s review then moves on to discuss the items needed for the grow room, which includes grow room sunglasses for eye protection; nutrients and fertilizers; grow tent; light meter; thermometer and hygrometer; charcoal filter and exhaust system; and a pH testing kit.

Budsgrowguide.com then ends with a detailed review of the top models of LED Grow Light. Each review contains a description of the product’s PAR rating, the lighting modes the product has for the vegetation, blooming, and flowering cycles of the plants, how much energy the LED light saves the amount of lighting coverage the product provides, and the number of plants the customer can grow with the product. The review also gives details of the product’s warranty, and a bulleted list of pros and cons.

Interested readers can find out more at www.budsgrowguide.com

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