Office Removals Company Casey’s Office Relocations Launches a Sophisticated New Website

London, UK – Moving is a pain whether you are college student switching apartments or a family relocating for work. The hassle can be exponentially increased for offices that need to get all of their equipment moved in a quick and timely manner so that they can get back to work. For those in London, one of the biggest cities in the world, trying to navigate with a small car can be challengingenough, let alone with a big moving truck. Trying to get all that work done without the help of office removals companies in London can be a nightmare. Companies like Casey’s Office Relocations understand the challenges of moving offices in London and are dedicated to helping businesses through this difficult process.

Casey’s Office Relocations has been in operation since 2001, giving them an extensive amount of experience with office removals in London as well as the surroundingHome Counties, which include Kent and Surrey. They recently have launched a new website to further assist businesses with their office move needs. Satisfied customers have described the website as sleek and extremely easy to use. The website features a clear display of services offered, avenues for contact, and a running tally of the work that has been completed. Casey’s Office Relocations understands the need for a strong online presence in this digital world and answered with a stunning website.

Unfortunately for businesses, moving is an incredibly complicated process. Sometimes leases don’t overlap or things don’t go as planned. That is why it is important to find a removalscompany that also offers storage services, like Casey’s Office Relocations, in the event that the place is not ready by the time the old office has to be vacated. Having contingency plans is a must when it comes to something as important and complex as movinga business. Hiring a company that can that can provide porterage, a waste disposal service which includes the shredding of confidential documents and electrical equipment (under WEEE regulations)and handle IT equipment is also important.

It is imperative to find a company that specialises in office removals in London and that is experienced, trustworthy, communicative, and flexible. Moving is a stressful time, and businesses need a company that relieves stress, not adds to it. Relocating is an exciting yet overwhelming time, but companies shouldn’t try to take on more than they can handle without professional help. For those in the London area, Casey’s Office Relocations should certainly be considered because of their experience, array of services, and dedication to customer service. Businesses should check out their new website and make the decision for themselves.

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