SanCoin will be launched on Taiwan exchange Ubit, speed up to catch the step of Ripple

SanCoin will be launched and transacted on the Taiwan famous stock exchange Ubit on October 19th and 26th, this is a great attempt for the SanChain community to enter the digital currency trading market in Asia, and also closely linked to the cryptocurrency markets in Europe and Asia, as well as catching the step of Ripple.

Digital asset trading platform

Ubit is a bitcoin and Ethernet trading platform, and is also a professional digital asset trading platform, as well as a shortcut for you to enter decentralized application. It offers digital asset trading service for users, using advanced cloud server, high performance, matching system level of financial security to build a stable and safe and convenient trading services. Ubit will optimize digital assets online irregularly, all of the digital assets have been screened rigorously that not only limited to the credibility, negotiability of assets, but also sufficient margin asset mortgage which provides a stable and effective support for the digital asset market.

It has three competitive advantages. Firstly, the management members are from the senior blockchain research and development team and the famous investment institutions, they all have many years experience of digital asset industry, familiar with the operation and management of digital assets. Secondly, it has high accomplishments in digital asset promotion, blockchain technology, blockchain solution and so on. Thirdly, providing profession, speediness, safety, care, protection for users, a full range of services to each user on the line high-quality digital assets.

Better transfer values

SanCoin on behalf of the using right of SanChain agreement, that can makes you better transfer values within worldwide scale, no matter individual or enterprise, both can make your transactions safer, faster, cheaper, and more secure, giving you a global efficient and fluid payment experience.

It has three competitive advantages. Firstly, it has 30 million coins totally, complete distributing only once, total limit can not be increased, effectively achieves the zero inflation of the system, and ensures its scarcity and added value. Secondly, It will be as the only legal currency of SanChain ecological scenarios application transactions in the future, and also can makes transaction with other legal currencies or withdraws other legal currencies in the trading platforms or exchanges. Thirdly, It’s more sustainable, unlike bitcoin, which requires huge external computing and energy consumption to ensure system security.

Speed up to catch the step of Ripple

The launch of SanCoin on Taiwan Ubit satisfied the huge demands of investors for SanCoin in China, Taiwan, mainland, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia and other regions. Now, there are five exchanges supporting SanCoin, although there is still a big distance between the third largest cryptocurrency XRP, SanChain’s wide solutions within the whole industry in the future are much broader than Ripple’s global payment solutions, thus it is also worth looking forward to.

With the speed up to catch the step of Ripple, SanCoin will also be able to rapidly and anonymously moving funds around the world without the need of central institutions. At the same time, SanChain will also cross the borders of the country, especially emerging market, which makes global payment or investment getting more fluid and efficient.

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