Atriark Expands its Mining Spectrum to Include Etherum and Monero Cloud Mining

The rising interest of customers in Monero and Etherum cloud mining has persuaded Atriark to implement them in its service portfolio. This seems to be another step towards its fastest growing cloud mining operation after launching other mining services.

After offering services for various digital currencies such as Litecoin and Zcash, Atriark is now set to offer two more useful services in this spectrum. It is now offering Monero and Etherum cloud mining services to attract more customers.

As a quickly growing cloud mining provider, Atriark’s Etherum mining agreements are again on offer after they were on halt for a number of months due to focus on zcash mining with GPUs. The new offers are available at a lower price.

Further, they all are for a period of two years without demanding any extra mining or upkeep charges during that duration. This means everything is included in the rate paid for the hashrate. For Monero cloud mining service, there is a high probability of getting a discount code for getting the agreement even at a better price company.

Mining cryptocurrencies involve an innovative hardware, which most people do not prefer. Even for those who know how to use it, the power and maintenance expenses negatively affect mining revenues. A better alternative is to offer hash power from an extremely reliable mine that ensures effectiveness at least possible cost. The two new mining services are a part of this alternative.

According to a spokesperson, “Cryptocurrencies are here to stay and we make it easier to safer to acquire them through the cloud mining processes. In addition, we also want to make all possible evolving cryptocurrencies at competitive hashrates. This is why we are tagged as ‘fastest growing cloud mining operation’.

According to another spokesperson, “No matter what new we offer, security is always at the forefront. Things can go wrong due to many reasons, ranging right from government regulations to hacking. It is our duty to ensure that they do not affect our coins. Through our strong encryption and other security measures, we get our customers covered.”

About Atriark

Atriark is a cryptocurrency cloud mining firm. It helps investors across the globe to fulfill your goals in gaining as many Bitcoins and other alternate digital currencies. It aims to provide a discreet, safe, and fast service for this otherwise daunting process.

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