Turnaround Security Launches Revolutionary Application Security Design Modeling Tool AppSec Designer (TM).

AppSec DesignerTM is a newly announced application security design modeling tool that will provide a revolutionary solution to security design errors in software by combining threat modeling countermeasures and graph database technology. The developers of AppSec DesignerTM, Turnaround Security, recently announced the launch of their new product as well as their plan to take this project to Kickstarter to build support and raise funding needed to make this tool a reality.

Turnaround Security spokesperson explained that the problem of cyber security vulnerabilities costs a substantial amount of money in damages and the issue seems to be growing. According to John Willis, the Chief Executive Officer for Turnaround Security, the losses due to cyber security vulnerabilities are $500 Billion per year around the world. In MITRE’s Common Weakness Enumeration, one-third of software vulnerabilities are described as design errors. These may account for up to $166 Billion in losses per year and this problem must be tackled before it grows even larger.

To address this problem head-on John has taken the initiative to design a powerful and efficient tool that enables characterizing security variables in a model so they can be controlled and magnifies the security requirements using community-supported Security Functional Requirements libraries, and their dependencies. The AppSec DesignerTM will help standardize the Threat Modeling process, selection of countermeasures, and the related security functional requirements – using a community-supported threat modeling and countermeasures library.

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/pR-CiARe0fQ

AppSec DesignerTM is a ground-breaking development to help both single users and organizations minimize the damage done by inadequate cyber security measures. The benefits of the AppSec DesignerTM include Common Criteria Security Functional Requirements, including their dependencies, which are re-used and grouped into Security Requirements Packages. Security Components are characterized as consisting of Security Requirements Packages. Reference Libraries are community-supported, and may be customized locally to meet your needs and standards. This enables expanding, e.g., a TLS (SSL) Component into over 25 detailed Application Security Functional Requirements. AppSec DesignerTM uses Graph Database technology which enables enumerating a large number of Application Security Functional Requirements very fast. Application Security Functional Requirements can now be enumerated:  At the low-level logic-layer of a design. For a very large number of requirements. At very fast speeds.  In such detail that there are fewer issues to find when performing Threat Modeling.

The successful funding of the Kickstarter campaign is the next big step in the development of AppSec DesignerTM, because it will allow the company to hire developers to code the application and get it ready for the next phase, which is to get the app to the people and organizations that direly need it.


AppSec DesignerTM is the brainchild of John Willis, who is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Turnaround Security. Turnaround Security was founded to tackle the “hard problems” in the information security and privacy domains through creating innovative solutions.

For more information: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/appsecdesigner/appsec-designer-tm?ref=9ct6ab

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