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Senclo Fi is the newly launched smart Garage Opening device that has garnered a great response from the backers and surpassed its fundraising goal of $10,000. The remarkable new garage opener can be used to upgrade the existing garage openers to make it ‘smart’. It offers advanced features such as voice control, Instant notifications, Garage temperature monitoring, HD touchscreen, lockdown and more.

Senclo Fi is a smart garage opener that uses advanced technology to provide a safer and more secure option for the user to manage their garage. It’s a fully autonomous garage door opener that provides totally hands-free operation using Voice control with Alexa and Google Assistant. It can identify the user’s voice to follow the command.This device can identify when the user is pulling in the driveway and opens the door automatically for them. Using the HD touchscreen controller that comes with the device, the user can open, close or lockdown their garage. The device can be connected and used with Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple SmartWatch. The user can simply use voice command to open the door for them or any visiting family members while they are away.

The Geolocation technology enables the device to know when the user is leaving or coming to automatically close or open the garage door for them. They can also use the vacation mode option to secure their garage for peacefully enjoying their getaway. They can control the garage activities from connected mobile devices from anywhere and anytime. Senclo Fi device also sends instant notifications for any activities such as it has been accessed by unidentified users, left open for too long etc. The user can also post a note on Fi’s display for others. The device can also monitor the temperature inside the garage and send a notification to the user if it rises above the safe level.

Senclo Fi garage door opener features multi-user support and guest access for temporarily assigning someone the access to the garage. This feature is useful while renting a home on Airbnb and other platforms. The device can control upto 3 garages and has no monthly fee or subscription charges. The Indiegogo platform allows the backers to pre-order the Senclo Fi device at an early bird price of $239 while the retail price is estimated to be $399. There are more perks to choose from. More information is available at

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