Blender Authority Releases ‘Simple Healthy Smoothie Recipes’

New recipe book offers a range of smoothie recipes for weight loss and better health

OCTOBER 17, 2017 – The team at Blender Authority has just announced the release of their brand new guide, Simple Healthy Smoothie Recipes. The free smoothie guide is now available on the Blender Authority website. 

Blender Authority is comprised of a passionate team of fitness enthusiasts who work to help others reach their healthy living goals with smoothies. Smoothies are used in various diets, and fitness enthusiasts are constantly looking for new smoothie recipes. 

In addition, Blender Authority also offers articles such as “Guide to Making Smoothies Without Yogurt”, “Amazing Health Benefits of Wheatgrass Smoothies”, and “Favorite Bran Health Foods”. 

The website also features a range of blender guides, including “Best Vitamix Blender to Buy? The Ultimate Guide 2017”, “Best Commercial Blender 2017 – Find the Best Blender for Your Business”, and “Best Cheap Blender in 2017 – A Guide to Budget Blenders”. 

Simple Healthy Smoothie Recipes is available for free and includes a wide range of tasty, easy to make smoothies, as well as tips for beginners. 

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Blender Authority offers a wealth of information on leading-edge blenders, as well as healthy smoothie recipes and nutrition advice.

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