Couple Shares their Adventure Travel Experiences on a Dedicated Website

Welcome – My Travelling Days is a thrilling journal of Eleni and Christos, featuring their intriguing personal experiences as they visit some of the world’s exotic travel destinations.

Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki – October 17, 2017 – Eleni and Christos, a couple from Thessaloniki, aren’t your average travelers who simply visit some of the world’s exotic destinations and share a dozen pictures on social media. The couple describes themselves as real travelers that aspire to live the adventure from beginning to end. is a dedicated online journal maintained by them, through which the pair shares their travel experience along with exciting information about the culture, the music, the cuisine, and the customs of every place they visit, thus giving viewers an encyclopedic view of their real life experiences.

Eleni explained, “When we relied upon traveling agencies, what we had was a wonderful, yet impersonal experience. Our worship for journeys wanted us to change that. We chose to become real travelers, went beyond our carefully planned budget and overruled all the limitations for an unforgettable, awe-inspiring journey. Was it really all that simple? Well, probably, not. The truth is that many times we found it too tough, we reached to the limits of our patience and maybe got tired to the point of exhaustion.”

My Travelling Days encapsulates the couple’s complete journey, depicted in the most interesting way. The couple began their journey at the Alps in June 2007, and has covered 94 countries, 2014 cities, 2.030.742 km ever since. Their website includes several sections for easy navigation that organizes information such as the trips they’ve had so far, cultures of the world, themes of their journey, the team behind the website and more.

“Our website is run and maintained by our vibrant and enthusiastic team. Anna does all the labeling, text, photo and video uploading, Lefki does the text editing and cultures of the world, Susana manages the translations in Spanish, Maria Alissia puts her magic hands to work on videos, and Two Yellow Feet is the advertising company behind the design and branding of My Travelling Days,” explained Eleni.

Viewers can also watch their activities in real time and there will be real time correspondence concerning each journey. Snapshots of their recent trips will also be updated from time to time, and travel tips are also included. My Travelling Days endeavors to offer an experience that’s really unique, broadening your mind and enriching your emotions.

About MyTravellingDays:

My Travelling Days is a unique travel-cultural website that features Eleni’s and Christos’ thrilling journal of their trips and exciting information about the culture, traditions and cuisines of the places they visit. Visit

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