The Greatest Untold American Military Rescue Mission Comes To Life In New Documentary

WESTFIELD, INDIANA – 17 Oct, 2017 – An incredible story of heroism and the unrivaled professionalism of the American military has come to life. Trent LaLand, a former Marine, authored “Night Mission to Mogadishu” which tells the true story of one of the most impressive military rescue operations most people have never even heard about: Operation Eastern Exit.

While the entire world was fixated on Kuwait and Iraq in 1990, Somalia was descending into a bloody civil war that threatened everyone in the country including foreign diplomats. With the situation growing more and more dire, the American ambassador to Somalia, James Bishop, made an urgent request to Washington for immediate help. U.S. Central Command diverted the U.S.S. Trenton and U.S.S. Guam to carry out the mission to rescue 281 men, women, and children from over 30 countries.

What happened next is the basis of Trent LaLand’s book and is one of the most incredible military missions in American history that students don’t learn about in the classroom. Two Marine CH-53 helicopters began their flight in the early morning hours and carried a rescue team of 51 Marines as well as 9 Navy Seals from Seal Team 8. The helicopters required two in-flight aerial refueling to reach their destination and rescue the people who were running out of hope and time.

Night Mission to Mogadishu is a story about the heroism and incredible response of the United States military in the face of unbelievable danger and nearly impossible timelines. Now, a documentary is being produced to bring Trent LaLand’s first hand story of Operation Eastern Exit to life. U.S. Embassy Under Siege is nearing completion and will allow audiences to hear about Operation Eastern Exit in the words of the people who experienced it.

In light of recent events including the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Libya where ambassador Chris Stevens was murdered, the story of Operation Eastern Exit takes on even more relevance as people begin to understand the volatility of situations around the world.


Trent LaLand is a former Marine who was a member of the ground rescue force in Operation Eastern Exit. His book, Night Mission to Mogadishu, is available on Amazon and Kindle eBook store for just $4.50. It serves as the inspiration for the creation of a documentary about the incredible rescue mission in the face of a Somalian civil war that was escalating by the minute. The trailer for the film is available online and gives viewers a look at the incredible stories from the individuals involved in the mission.

YouTube: Trailer available here

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