The Rugged Bros Fall 2017 Line of Beard Grooming Products is Now Out

New York – October 17, 2017 – Beards are the epicenter of masculinity. The Rugged Bros know this secret, and want to share it with their bearded brethren. The grooming brand for men is now out with its latest line of products and promotions for Fall 2017, available from its online store and on Amazon.

The Fall 2017 collection by The Rugged Bros does away with all beard scratching doubts. The collection features three new products that will continue to weave the same magic as usual. They put in hands the easiest way to tame that wild beard and give it a sexier look.

“We care about how the bearded man looks, so this year we have launched three new men’s grooming products to help them tame those facial tumbleweeds,” says a company spokesperson.

The original Rugged Brothers, Wes and Joseph Townsend, who lived in New York City and spent years there working in design and manufacturing, realized there was a need for high quality men’s grooming products in the marketplace. The men’s brand has captivated thousands of customers for every beard grooming requirement, from oil to brushes and more.

All products made by The Rugged Bros carry the most carefully selected ingredients. For instance, the 100 percent pure and authentic Moroccan organic argan oil, or jojoba oil, with potent anti-oxidants. The formulations are the ultimate in moisturizing qualities, getting deeper into the skin to reach hair follicles. It makes any beard look soft and smooth. The products are also free from scents, and never carry any harsh chemicals or colors.  

“The inspiration of the brand was designed to speak to the modern hero. He is complex and multilayered. The same man that drives a motorcycle to yoga class. The brand is meant to defy convention,” says the company spokesperson.

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