Some Amazing Benefits of Green Tea To Know

Among all types of Chinese tea, Green tea stands out not only due to its long history and unique flavor, but because of an influx of benefits it can bring to tea drinkers. So what are the benefits of Green tea?

It hydrates the body

Chinese green tea and regular tea bring you water with a bit of flavor. This means it’s a lot easier to replace the lost fluids and you can easily hydrate your skin in no time!

Helps reduce the chances of developing tumors and cancers

Chinese black tea and Chinese green tea as well are known for improving your health, and they are linked to reducing the chances of developing cancers and tumors. This is very helpful, and it just goes to show just how powerful this type of tea can be.

Tea has the same amount of caffeine as coffee

Not everyone knows this, but green tea caffeine is the same as coffee. You have the same amount of caffeine, so you can get the same results without having to drink coffee. But the benefit is that the energy rush will last longer when you drink tea, which is quite amazing.

Immune system booster

When you drink green tea, you have the ability to improve the power of your immune system. You can fight potential diseases a lot faster, and you will be a whole lot healthier too, which is extremely important to have.

Bone protection

An Australian study has shown that by drinking green tea often, you get to have powerful and stronger bones. You can get this benefit from both Chinese black tea and Chinese green tea. This happens mostly due to the high amount of catechins. However, drinking too much can be problematic, so you want to avoid that.

Dental health

Green tea is a lot less harmful than coffee when it comes to discoloration. That makes it extremely helpful if you want to protect your teeth from discoloration and other similar problems.

Great for weight loss

Chinese green tea are known for the fact that they kick start your metabolism and they can initiate a good weight loss routine. The best part is that you can lose weight fast if you add tea to your diet. And yes, Green tea calories are very low, so you get to stay in shape and lose weight on the fly.

Lots of antioxidants

Tea in general tends to have a lot of antioxidants. Brewing your own tea can help preserve most antioxidants, but even commercial tea includes lots of antioxidants too. Chinese green tea is particularly helpful here because it has a wide array of antioxidants and you may want to check it out for that.

After knowing all the benefits of Green tea, you might want to take a sip of it right off the bat. Luckily for you, Teadaw, an online Chinese tea provider, offers two types of first-class green tea to tea lovers all over the world and sends the tea directly from organic tea gardens to your very hands with a blazing fast express delivery.

Teadaw green tea – Emerald

Just as its name implies, this tea has curly and tenuous appearance with a color resembling emerald green after steeping. Its aroma is strong and sharp and it tastes sweet and mild with the sweetness left in the mouth after swallowed.  

Teadaw green tea – Jade Sword

This green tea’s form is a sole bud with a slender sword-like shape. The leaves arrange like sword matrix in water with a green and yellow color after steeping. The flavor smells like bamboo in the morning and the heavy bitterness turns to sweetness after the first sip, making you feel refreshed. 

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