Rising Uptake in Academia to Fuel Demand for Lecture Capture Systems

The global lecture capture systems market is forecast to exhibit strong growth during the forecast period. QYResearchReports.com has announced adding a new report to its database, titled “Global Lecture Capture Systems Market Size, Status and Forecast 2022,” which studies in detail various factors enabling growth in the market and those restraining it.

The rising corporate spending to train employees has emerged as a chief driver of the global lecture capture systems market. Considering businesses are likely to keep no stone unturned to outdo competition, the market’s future seem extremely promising. In addition, the development of education infrastructure so that it is able to support the latest IT solutions will creative further scope for the market’s expansion in the coming years.

The report covers various growth drivers and restraints enabling growth in the global lecture capture systems market. It also highlights various opportunities that the market is slated to witness over the course of the forecast period. To gauge prevailing competition and its effects on the global lecture capture systems market, some of the leading market players are profiled. Policies these companies adopted over the years are analyzed in detail and their impact on the overall market are evaluated for the purpose of the study.

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Besides this, the report segments the overall market based on various criteria. For instance, in terms of application, the market is split into educational and corporate institutions. Of these, education institutions or academia emerged dominant in 2015 holding a considerably large share in the market. The advent of virtual classrooms and deployment of blended learning to boost smart education, will fuel the demand from the education sector even further in the coming years.

The report has also identified India, Japan, China, Southeast Asia, EU, and the US as a few of the lucrative markets within the global arena. Demand witnessed across these nations will thus have a direct bearing on the overall performance exhibited by the global lecture capture systems market. Overall, the report predicts North America to exhibit robust growth during the forecast period. Thanks to the surging digitization in corporate and education sector, developed countries across North America will continue showcasing lucrative prospects to the market.

Sonic Foundry, Panopto, Tegrity, and Echo360 are some of the leading players in the global lecture capture systems market. While developed countries have remained key focus of various companies, many of them are gradually starting to look toward emerging nations in Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Africa. Steps taken by government across developing nations to boost business sector and promote smart education are encouraging the uptake of lecture capture systems.

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A few of the other prominent companies operating in the global lecture capture systems market are Cisco Systems, Accordent Technologies, OpenEye, Kaltura, Creston, TechSmith,  Dell, Telestream, VBrick Systems, Qumu, and MediaCore. The report profiles several of these companies and evaluates their latest strategies to study the impact of the same on the overall market. Profiles of the leading market players are included in the report and their strengths and weaknesses are gauged for the purpose of the study. Strategies adopted by the key players in the last couple of years are analyzed. Besides this, the impact of these strategies on the global market is evaluated. The report therefore intends to provide a holistic overview of the market.

Table of Contents

Global Lecture Capture Systems Market Size, Status and Forecast 2022
1 Industry Overview of Lecture Capture Systems
1.1 Lecture Capture Systems Market Overview
1.1.1 Lecture Capture Systems Product Scope
1.1.2 Market Status and Outlook
1.2 Global Lecture Capture Systems Market Size and Analysis by Regions
1.2.1 United States
1.2.2 EU
1.2.3 Japan
1.2.4 China
1.2.5 India
1.2.6 Southeast Asia
1.3 Lecture Capture Systems Market by Type
1.3.1 By Solution
1.3.2 By Deployment Model
1.3.3 By Service Type
1.4 Lecture Capture Systems Market by End Users/Application
1.4.1 Educational institutions
1.4.2 Corporate

2 Global Lecture Capture Systems Competition Analysis by Players
2.1 Lecture Capture Systems Market Size (Value) by Players (2016 and 2017)
2.2 Competitive Status and Trend
2.2.1 Market Concentration Rate
2.2.2 Product/Service Differences
2.2.3 New Entrants
2.2.4 The Technology Trends in Future

3 Company (Top Players) Profiles
3.1 Kaltura (US)
3.1.1 Company Profile
3.1.2 Main Business/Business Overview
3.1.3 Products, Services and Solutions
3.1.4 Lecture Capture Systems Revenue (Value) (2012-2017)
3.1.5 Recent Developments
3.2 Echo360 (US)
3.2.1 Company Profile
3.2.2 Main Business/Business Overview
3.2.3 Products, Services and Solutions
3.2.4 Lecture Capture Systems Revenue (Value) (2012-2017)
3.2.5 Recent Developments
3.3 Panopto (US)
3.3.1 Company Profile
3.3.2 Main Business/Business Overview
3.3.3 Products, Services and Solutions
3.3.4 Lecture Capture Systems Revenue (Value) (2012-2017)
3.3.5 Recent Developments
3.4 Sonic Foundry(US)
3.4.1 Company Profile
3.4.2 Main Business/Business Overview
3.4.3 Products, Services and Solutions
3.4.4 Lecture Capture Systems Revenue (Value) (2012-2017)
3.4.5 Recent Developments
3.5 VBrick (US)
3.5.1 Company Profile
3.5.2 Main Business/Business Overview
3.5.3 Products, Services and Solutions
3.5.4 Lecture Capture Systems Revenue (Value) (2012-2017)
3.5.5 Recent Developments
3.6 YuJa Corporation (US)
3.6.1 Company Profile
3.6.2 Main Business/Business Overview
3.6.3 Products, Services and Solutions
3.6.4 Lecture Capture Systems Revenue (Value) (2012-2017)
3.6.5 Recent Developments
3.7 McGraw-Hill Education(US)
3.7.1 Company Profile
3.7.2 Main Business/Business Overview
3.7.3 Products, Services and Solutions
3.7.4 Lecture Capture Systems Revenue (Value) (2012-2017)
3.7.5 Recent Developments
3.8 Crestron Electronics(US)
3.8.1 Company Profile
3.8.2 Main Business/Business Overview
3.8.3 Products, Services and Solutions
3.8.4 Lecture Capture Systems Revenue (Value) (2012-2017)
3.8.5 Recent Developments

4 Global Lecture Capture Systems Market Size by Type and Application (2012-2017)
4.1 Global Lecture Capture Systems Market Size by Type (2012-2017)
4.2 Global Lecture Capture Systems Market Size by Application (2012-2017)
4.3 Potential Application of Lecture Capture Systems in Future
4.4 Top Consumer/End Users of Lecture Capture Systems

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