Ambrosus is handling the most advanced project that is geared towards tackling the complex challenges that are associated with the present global supply chains. Ambrosus is an end-to-end integrated solution that includes hardware, software, a protocol layer and developer tools. 

Ambrosus enables customers to easily see where their food and medicine come from, whether they are counterfeit and what is really in them, by using a simple App. The effort and innovation that is carried out at Ambrosus means that Ambrosus is changing the complete food and medicine auditing process, resulting in an outcome that has a positive effect on the lives of consumers.

Their mission is to create useful solutions for supply chains that enhance their quality, integrity and transparency, thus improving the quality and integrity of the products we all consume.

The formidable team possessed by Ambrosus further reiterates the capability of the company towards handling complex projects and getting a successful outcome. Ambrosus has on its team, some of the world’s leading experts in various fields such as; blockchain, data encryption, supply chains, sensor technology, smart contracts, and Apps, among others.

The Ambrosus team is developing hardware sensors that feature plug-and-play compatibility with blockchain network. The hardware products they have built to date include a range of non-invasive and rapid analytical devices for on-site measurement of biological samples. They are in the process of assembling Internet of Things (IoT) sensors around containers and printers to transform passive supply chain components into smart and intelligent systems.

A key attribute of the Ambrosus network is its comprehensive support for IoT hardware and sensors, which provides the ability to tag and monitor physical objects and transmit data associated with them. This compatibility allows goods to be tracked throughout the supply chain and assures full integrity of readings. The Ambrosus network primarily collects data from tags, tracers and sensors.

Ambrosus has made available an investment opportunity to those who would want to be a part of its rapidly growing group of investors. The Initial Coin Offering (ICO) offered by Ambrosus is witnessing a lot of buzz among Crypto investors, leading to a high demand for the Ambrosus ICO.

The ongoing Initial Coin Offering of Ambrosus has a token name “Amber,” with a token symbol “AMB.” The heart of the Ambrosus network is the Amber token, an ERC-20 compliant token that underpins all transactions on the Ambrosus network.

Amber is the world’s first data-bonded token. The data-bonded token architecture intrinsically ties data to AMB transactions on the blockchain, connecting chains together as products move through the supply chain. When information is transmitted from a device to the Ambrosus network, the data is bonded to an Amber token and sent to the network.

As compared to other ICO’s, the Ambrosus ICO is considered to have great value for its investors, and the demand for the technological expertise of Ambrosus would result in a favorable outcome for the investors. Also, the broad application of Ambrosus network in any complex supply chain has seen it receiving wide acceptability among investors.

Having the backing of “The United Nations” and “The Swiss Government,” Ambrosus is considered as the company that you can rely on and trust.

More information about Ambrosus and its Initial Coin Offering can be obtained from the company’s website via

By Anurudh Ratanpal

Media Contact
Company Name: Ambrosus Technologies
Phone: +41 795 96 5876
Country: Switzerland