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Arguably the largest database of movie locations in Southern California, Easy Locations is dedicated to helping film producers, especially independent producers and other productions operating on a tight budget to find the perfect locations for their movies.

Easy Locations, an online marketplace for film/video locations, are proud to announce the launch of their new movie locations website in Southern California for the best and most affordable film production. Easy Locations works hand in hand with home or business owners to provide the best locations in California for all types of productions, including student, independent and commercial projects.

The locations provided by Easy Locations range from homes and studios to commercial properties, restaurants, warehouses, gas stations, stores and more. The variety of categories include alley, bakery, store, studio, bar and any other properties suitable for shooting movies, music videos, ads and documentaries. Filmmakers can also choose their desired locations based on their geographic area.

Home and business owners around Southern California are guaranteed to benefit tremendously by collaborating with Easy Locations. For example, property paying a mortgage of $2000 per month can easily earn that amount in just one or two days by renting it for film and video productions. They can also earn up to $10000 per month with rates depending on the size and quality of the property. Easy Locations does not charge location owners any fees or commission.

Unlike older Hollywood location management companies, Easy locations does not charge students and independent filmmakers the same rates as commercial productions. They offer differentiated and transparent rates, offering full support to students and independent filmmakers. They eliminate the challenging, stressful and time-wasting process of driving around, knocking on doors, calling, emailing, negotiating prices and writing rental agreements by taking care of it all for only a 15% transaction fee.

If you are looking to get your film or video produced without fuss, Easy Locations is your best partner. Visit their website https://www.locations.film/ and enjoy a friendly interface, powerful search features, pre-production scouting scheduling, instant reservations and easy payment options.

About Easy Locations

Easy Locations was launched in 2016 by Mariietta Volynska, an independent producer with a desire to help filmmakers, students and large production companies find the perfect location for their project within their production budget. Mariietta cites her struggles to find good locations for her movies as an independent producer as the major reason for establishing Easy Locations.

Easy Locations’ large database of film-friendly properties has grown to become one of the best places to find movie locations. They are currently showcasing different properties suitable for filmmaking in and around Southern California, with plans to expand the coverage nationwide and across the globe in the nearest future.

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Company Name: Easy Locations
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Phone: +1 888-833-4565
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