Tomohiro Hayata Starts Campaign On Kickstarter For The Bridger Modular Model Making Toy System Project

Tomohiro Hayata announces that working has started on the Bridger Modular Model Making Toy System, seeks funding on Kickstarter platform.

Tomohiro Hayata, a hardware designer and software engineer, specializing in designing, developing and marketing connected IoT products, has started a campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds for his project. The Bridger Modular Model Making Toy System is designed to offer the first hobby experience for junior builders and enthusiasts. It can significantly lower the hurdles in making great models.

“The unique Bridger Modular Model Making Toy System explores fun ways of building easy and cool professional electronic experiment models,” says Tomohiro Hayata founder of Hummingworks LLC. “Our friendly eco-system is run on block mechanism that makes building of professional models simple and hassle-free. A successful funding on Kickstarter will help us launch a fun, easy and cool model that junior builders at home can use for endless creative development.”

Bridger offers a fun way of building block models. Users can take their experimenting and creative efforts to a new level with this amazingly simple DIY process. The various functional parts allow children to customize their model design the way they want or change the appearance of their model. As all the pieces are designed to snap together easily, the chances of making mistakes while making a model is minimized. The models can be assembled and taken apart effortlessly and quickly.

With Bridger, users will not need conventional assembling devices such as soldering irons, glue guns and paint sprays. The friendly block mechanism can deliver a great sense of achievement and allow building of a wonderful, innovative model. The Bridger can also be used with toys at home based on functional ecosystem.

According to Tomohiro, he and his team have designed a friendly mechanism for junior builders, bottom up. They can use Bridger to effortlessly build a professional model by customizing the design and changing the look. The potential for play is literally endless as builders can create any kind of model they want. They can be proud of their creation as it comes with streamlined curves, realistic shapes and playful gimmicks. The end result is real, professional and hugely satisfying for designers. As the block parts are colored and not painted, the assembled models provide a convincing finish.

Bridger can be used with any kind of layout such as Lego or Lionel. There are straight, curved and turnout rails available which can be connected to your home layouts. Kids can add more stories with the cool decal stickers that come with the Bridger. The Raspberry Pi powered Bridger is ideal for DIY starters, keen to experiment with electronic models. All they have to do is plug, pair and play.

Tomohiro Hayata has a financial goal of ¥10,000 goal which they hope to raise from their Kickstarter campaign. The deadline date for achieving the goal is 24 November, 2017.

About Bridger Modular Model Making Toy System:

The Bridger Modular Model Making Toy System is an innovative idea designed to make it easy for DIY enthusiasts to create great models effortlessly. It makes use of the friendly block mechanism for a professional model building experience. The friendly mechanism is user-friendly and offers never-ending potential for model creation.

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