MedicareFAQ is concerned about the health of its clients, and so has chosen to publicize an information that may have a great effect on the lives of many seniors and the disabled.

Therefore, as published courant website, ongoing negotiation is in top gear among Republicans and Democrats regarding a significant cut to the present level of medical assistance that is given to both seniors and the disabled.

The budget cut alternatives of both the Democratic and Republican parties would still have a significant impact on the Medicare of seniors and the disabled as a result of the huge cost involved in the cut.

The impact of this new proposal would hurt many who struggle with affordable healthcare, and as much as 60,000 people in just a state may lose the benefit of affordable healthcare.

The little attention that is given to the Medicare cut is quite alarming, and with the realization of this Medicare cut plan, the effect on the cost of health care for seniors and disabled would be significant, and in extreme cases, may affect the health of a senior or disabled.

MedicareFAQ provides such information to enable its service users make the best decision regarding their health. So it is required that the adequate measures be taken by seniors and the disabled in ensuring that a cut in Medicare assistance has no severe health effect.

MedicareFAQ always ensures that the latest information that affects the health of its service users is appropriately disseminated. MedicareFAQ has successfully helped many in the provision of valuable information that enables its clients to make an informed decision regarding Medicare and Medicare Supplement Insurance plan.

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