Successful Millennial Couple Shares Their Turn Key System to Creating New Millionaires in The Digital Economy

Balazs & His Wife Are Offering a Free Download For a Life Changing Book For a Limited Time to Aspiring Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Worldwide

October 17, 2017 – Balazs W Kardos, a lifestyle entrepreneur and mentor alongside his wife Margaret are committed to help budding entrepreneurs worldwide. The couple started building their direct sales business back in 2013. At first, traditionally with old school strategies like selling to their network of friends at home parties, coffee shop meetings, 3-way calls, but they decided to switch their business to an online operation 18 months ago because they knew it was the way of the future. They recently released a book, which is a guidebook for absolute online success. 

Global Affiliate Zone (GAZ) is your complete marketing system to achieve massive online success, allowing you to be your own boss and design your dream life.” said Kardos in a discussion about the book. “We are offering a free download for the e-book on our website for a limited time and we welcome everyone to discover how to launch a new career in your spare time & work from anywhere in the world to create a life of fortune, fun, and adventure as an Affiliate Marketer…” he added. With the booming trends of digital marketing and social media, the couple took advantage of the technology by strategically partnering with credible 7 figure entrepreneurs and leveraged a marketing system to build their business that is now 90% automated. 

In addition, the book will introduce people how to build a business 100% online with cold traffic from social media platforms such as Facebook™, Instagram™ and YouTube™ so they don’t have to pester family and friends in order to become successful just like Balazs and Margaret. This formula enables a more leveraged, passive, consistent and scalable way to build a business online helping people create and design the lifestyle of their dreams to whatever they want. 

Moreover, Balazs and Margaret also attended the first annual GAZ celebration summit where awards were presented to those who helped the most people achieve their goals and as result generating six and seven figure incomes. The couple was acknowledged at the celebration summit for earning over $1,000,000 online because they helped hundreds of people fire their boss and replace their full time incomes working from just a laptop. Together, they led 30 people to earn six figures or more in their first year online, with no prior experience. Their financial successes were matched with the fact that each of the 30 people could also work from anywhere in the world and gained total freedom in their lives. 

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